Praying, instead of Defending & Protecting like Good Shepherds would?

6개월 전

Instead of saying, "Government". I wish people would paraphrase it with, "the people in the Government...". Psychologically, we seem to separate Government from the Public even though they are Paid Employees ie Servants of the Republic, not a Ruling Class with some divine right to rule based on wealth.

But Christians have been brainwashed with Santa Clausism; wealth = righteousness and the poor are the Sinful? As well as "God controls everything, so bend over take it and pray while doing so" double-think brand of fatalism? Maybe that's why Republicans are so wishy-washy, go along to get along?

Praying, instead of Defending & Protecting like Good Shepherds would?

While the Wolves (Cartels, Cabal, Criminals) rape and pillage, (child sex trafficking) rioting and looting, (Anti-fa, BLM) burning their cities to the ground. I guess God is in control of all the Sinful, Criminals, the Mobs, the Gangs, Corrupt Politicians, Lawyers, & Reporters.

God made everyone Evil (only God is Good)...

Then destroyed them all with a flood, but somehow Noah & Job resisted God's will and were good? Along with King David, the Apostles, the Jews & Gentiles; all those that believed Jesus was sent by God Our Father & repented too...

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