Single Payer Health Protection and Christianity, I mean Discipleship and Fellowship with goodwill towards We the People

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Single Payer or better yet State Payer. Treat every person of their particular State as a State Employee ie a Citizen. With certain inalienable rights, entitlements and protections as Citizens of this Great Nation. Now Imagine not having the debate that this is Socialism vs Capitalism vs Communism, the Red Herring, and Strawman arguments. Should we Privatize the Military? Should the Police or Fire Protection be privatized, do it as Capitalistic and not Socialistic or Communistic like it is?

Words can have 2 meanings, the double-edged sword. Just as knowledge cannot be Evil only or be used just for Evil, it can be good and used for good and the good of all. Or are you one of those ignorant fools? In denial of reality?

Alex, what is Government for all? Alex, what is Single payer Military, Law Enforcement, CIA, FBI, State BI, Fire Care, WHO, CDC, AFT, EPA, FDA etc. etc. etc. Healthcare for all only costs 300 billion a year, 3.2 trillion over 10 years sounds so much more pernicious and scary. But remove all the Profit/GREED made by Insurance Advertisers Medicine Supplies... and it gets Cheaper, not more expensive. The population gets healthier, healthier workers better care less disease sickness etc. gets even cheaper.

And what would Jesus say? What does Good say, FTW? Why is Christianity and Christians against Healthcare for All? OK with War Conquer Famine and Death for All? Kill Steal Destroy for All? Infrastructure for All? What would a Disciple say?

What is the Richman paying for exactly, do they deserve to get more tax money so they can pay more taxes and then deserve even more tax money so they can pay more taxes with the cycle repeating? We now have trillionaires with Hundreds of millions of fellow Americans under the poverty line and almost zero in the middle class.

Trickle down never ends and it never trickles down or is only a drop in the bucket by the time it does. Flood up economics makes sure every member of the tribe, every cell of the body gets the minimum to thrive and survive.
The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. How strong is America, or consumer confidence, when Americans can't afford to buy Corporate American or Chinese Shit?

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