The good fruit of the Spirit is the proof of the good tree

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How does a Catholic like Nancy Pelosi, a Jew like Chuck Schumer, a Protestant like Mitch McConnell, a Muslim like what's her name that married her own brother >|<, or any good God-fearing/believing, religious/patriotic journalist? Believe they can get away with any Crime/Sin, against children/Humanity/We the People; murder, or lie (bearing false witness against their fellows, politicians, or citizens)? The 4 Horsemen of War, Conquer, Famine, & Death... harming/hurting children & only 1 Human Race!

"Bless me Father for I have sinned", instead of "forgive me..."? "Grace Only by the shedding of God's Blood", instead of Repentance...? "Only God is Good, not the Children of God...? Jihad - that allows for the breaking of the Golden rule, all the Commandments, and all the law, instead of Love, Obedience, and Mercy; that is the goodwill of God?

Why is the Government corrupt? Because the People in power are corrupt. Lawmakers believing they are above the law, "Ruling Class/Ruling Elite/Praetorian Guard/Shadow-Permanent Government; believing their wealth is proof of their righteousness instead of proof of their love of money...greed, pride, & lust for power. "Follow the money".

"The good fruit of the Spirit is the proof of the good tree". "Judge the Devils/Public Servants by their works and the Fig trees by their fruit." Corrupted words of Religions that preach/teach lawlessness/reprobate faith = corrupted children of Man and God.

#politics #religion #judaism #christianity #muslim

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