The Good Shepherd confronting the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

4개월 전

The GOP - Republicans, what is dividing Americans & Americanism?
(Protestants vs Catholics - Capitalism vs Socialism)

Are Christians/Evangelists/Protestants/WASPS too busy praying to Jesus the God to save them/stop the DemonRats from cheating, lying, blackmailing, extorting, intimidating, assassinating, impeaching, etc.?

Cause everything that has, will, is happening; well Jesus the God is in control of everything.

Ya know, abortions, rapes, murders, sodomy, stealing, lying, adultery, racism, war, conquer, famine & death, harming the little ones, etc. All the bad and evil, done by the Ruling Class, Dictators, Monarchies, Parents, and Children. The Cup Hot and Cold, good and evil together inside the same Temple.

Jesus the God selects who is elected and is told what to do by Prayer Warriors?

Just pray harder, worship, and praise more? God is the one that stopped Illegal immigration, not Trump. God is the one that let DemonRats cheat and stuff the box. Humans are just Puppets, without Freedom, Freewill, and the will to choose good or evil, bad over repentance to do better?

Truth or belief matters? What says the Messiah/What says God about the Priesthood? Calling each other Father, the Fathers of Man and Christ... subliminal messaging.

"Their natures evil, they are unable to do good..." the definition of Human Beings or Devils? "As you are told to believe so shall you do and become", why then are you told that only God is Good as if the Tree of Life produces Corrupt Fruit?

Religion and Politics make Evil Good and Good Evil if the Interpretation of the Good word is made the Evil Word. Grace Only or All under the same law of what is good and evil?

Compare the Good words of the Gospel and that can do Spirit with the Letters of Can't. Abel versus Cain... what does the Bible reveal about the Will of God, being Good or Evil?

Think for yourself and choose what you think...Discipline and sharpen the mind using self-will.

What is revealed when one sees, hears, understands, and perceives the sending of the Good Shepherd and confronting the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing? Emperor Constantine has no Clothes even though he claims God sees him perfectly Clothed.

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