The Slow Boil of the Frog...of COVID-19

6개월 전

The Slow Boil of the Frog...of COVID-19. As if the phucking Flu-Virus, that kills millions, has disappeared and it called for everyone to wear a Bandits Mask & Social Distancing, caused a global panic, economic shutdown & collapse. Causing free people, controlled by fear, to blindly accept the dictates and lies of the MSM & the people elected to serve them. Instead, the Elect & Elite that Rule them serve themselves and the "Great Reset" of the Socialist "Unity" Democrats of the STASI/4th Reich. With the Free Press reduced to Talking Heads; Propaganda Outlet of the Who, UN & NWO. All for the Love of Money and Power, where the Rich Rule and the rest serve in perpetuity, made equal by poverty or sold into slavery but "God is in Control" and so is the Vatican. Welcome to Socialist Fascism and the Old-New Corporate Overlords.

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