The Trinity, the Greatest Lie ever Told

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When good Men do nothing, EVIL is Allowed to Triumph. Who is GOOD though and able, Christians are told the belief is, "Only God is Good and that the Nature of Man is Evil", making men into Devils by faith & belief, unable to do Good.

Jesus-God says to curse anyone that denies him as the Deity.

Jesus-Christ says he was sent by God! The very God that told him to come and stand beside him. The King of Kings that told the Prince of Peace, the first born of the many, to go and be his mouthpiece and to be the living example of the goodwill of God, Our father, made his Son flesh and blood. The body the Temple of the Spirit.

Remember, Luke 20:9-19 "The Parable of the Evil Tenants of the Vineyard".

Corrupt Politicians and Corrupt Public Servants that believe no matter what they do to friend or foe it is forgiven by the sacrificing the Messiah. Are crimes against Children forgiven by shedding the blood of the Messiah? Jesus said all sin is equal and that we will reap what we sow.

Do good shepherds believe that whenever the Wolves attack, that the God of Heaven willed it? "God in control of everything" belief? Or do they stand, protect, and defend the Flock?

Are We the People supposed to bend over and take it, as the goodwill of God (if evil) whenever the People in the Government, Public Servants turned Ruling Class. Choose to do evil instead of Good? Lawmakers with Reprobate faiths, acting lawlessly, Grace only for me but not for thee? As they choose to violate their Oaths of Office?

To serve, protect, and defend the Constitution and We the People of the Republic of America and the United States?

Truth, Logic, Reason, Critical Thought, Rational Thinking & Common Sense. Do not lead to Confusion and actually agrees with what the Messiah says about being sent and going to My God and Your God, Our Father. A Hallowed name Stolen by the Romans when they made themselves the Holy Fathers of Jesus their New God. And Image gave the name of a Man...666.

To be of the Good God and Father of the Messiah, Jews and Gentiles, says to be of a Good God it must be Good. The Good Tree brings forth good fruit of the Spirit, not the corrupt fruit of the Carnal flesh. What does your religion bring forth in you? The corrupt fruit of the Flesh or the Good fruit of the Spirit?

What say you if you believe only God is Good?

And what of the Children of God, Sons and Daughters? Which one of you serves the goodwill of God, by doing good for one another or choosing to do evil to another?

Which Master is served by those that do Evil instead of Good?

The whole world will be led astray until one day the world awakens to the deception and those that seek only to deceive///|\\ How many Heads are there above the Christ's own? According to his words, that are not of those claiming they alone speak for the Messiah while denying that he even exists, separate from Our Heavenly Father.

The Trinity, the Greatest Lie ever Told and repeated daily until the Masses believe whatever they are told without question.

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