We the People... can drown them in our urine

4개월 전

Think about it... The 1% VS the 99%. You, they the 1% Wall St., the privately owned Bank the FEDERAL RESERVE, the Central Bankers 'VS' You, US, We the People... can drown them in our urine.

If you love America; are you an American, a Pay-triot (willing to give your life - America worth dying for)? We the People do not seek to destroy what we love. What are they then if you, they, HATE America and everything it Stands for, ie the Declaration & Constitution; Life, Liberty, Happiness (Prosperity), equality of all people - all under the same rule of law?

Does the Label, shape, color, or size of the bottle determine the Spirit within?

The Goal/Ideal of America, is to be that Shining City on the hill, even though We the People have fallen short of the idea, we have Repented, to try try try again. A Government and a People in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty... not of the State, but We the People.

Something America should extend to all People "endowed by the Creator" to our Neighbors, and leading by the example of Love your Neighbors as yourselves. Goodwill towards all, love friends & enemies equally. Who do religions judge as the enemy, already cursed but what does the Messiah and Holy Spirit say about cursing and the Golden Rule?

Not Satan's perspective that "Only God is good", marking & judging that all men, women, and children with the natures of Devils, evil; unable to do good, as the Gospel says. With the Popes more than willing to rule over Hell than to serve in Heaven on Earth.

Judge the devil by their works, not their beliefs nor what they label themselves.

The Christ says in the good word, "As the people believe, truth/lie, so shall they be" & do -good, bad, or evil works bringing forth the corrupt fruit. The good tree brings forth good fruit.
Judge yourselves by what is inside of you; for by the great abundance of the Heart the Mouth speaks.

The Kingdom of Heaven (the Spirit) or that of Hell, is within you. Luke 17 V:21-23. The Body is the Temple of the Spirit.

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