What do Good Shepherds do when the Wolves Attack?

6개월 전

Are Christians willing to stand up and fight for America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the President or just Pray about it? What does God and Christ want you to do? Jesus never said the nature of Man/Children are Evil and only God is good but "As you believe (Faith of Cain/Can't or Abel/Able) so shall you be and do".

The path of Repentance, Love, Obedience, and Mercy... leads to the Good Gate, bring forth the good fruit of the Spirit.

What do Good Shepherds do when the Wolves Attack? When good Men and Women do nothing (but Pray) Evil is allowed to Triumph! God does not control the Carnal minded and those that believe the end justifies the means, willing to do anything for Wealth & Power.

Guess what happens when Defund the Police happens and there is no one to stop Anti-fa & BLM rioters and looters? Both, Lawless GANGS, nothing more than Paid Mercenaries, the brown shirts of the DNC (Act Blue) paid & funded by George Soros & the Socialist "Unity" Democrat Party.

Wonder why Joe Biden, a criminal in his own right, keeps saying UNITY. Can you say "STASI", sure you can, Know your History or you are doomed to repeat it!

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