Marc Stevens' No State Project – Dec 21, 2016 – Commercial-free Wednesday, Episode 6

4년 전

Spoke with callers James in Chicago; Yal in Dallas and Jay in Texas about court procedure. Brady requests and why it's important that if an attorney is forced on you, that they are standby counsel. This is necessary so you can defend yourself, otherwise you cannot file motions or speak for yourself.

We spoke about how important the preliminary hearing is. The cop made legal determinations, the laws applied and there was probably cause you violated the laws. These are legal opinions/determinations, not statements of fact and must be challenged at the prelim. Let the prosecutors impeach their own witness.

Also, we are anarchists because it's a moral position, it is wrong to forcibly control people, wrong to force strangers to give you money. The purpose of the show, my work, is to expose those called "government" as just men and women forcing us to pay them, not to just get tickets kicked out. People making a principled stand against these criminals exposes them as criminals whether they dismiss or not.

If you believe their rules apply to us, that "states" can create rules that apply to everyone, then you have to have proof. You have to prove there are "states", and to do that you need to prove there is a body politic/corporate, an that is comprised of "citizens." Proving there are "citizens" requires evidence of reciprocal obligations of allegiance and protection.

Good luck with that. But if you still think "states" are real, call into a live broadcast with your evidence.

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