You are What you Eat; You are Livestock!

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You might have been wondering, since the coronavirus, or maybe even 9/11, what's wrong with the world? The problem is we are both aggressors and oppressors at the same time that we're victims. You are what you eat!

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In order to have dairy, cows are born into a system of slavery

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Where mothers are immediately separated from their calves

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So that we can take their milk for ourselves


And our children.


Male calves become veal and female calves repeat the same fate as their mothers.


There are a lot of people in the world who eat a lot of meat and animal products, so there's more of them than us now.


There's a lot of animals being bred into torture and slavery for our addiction. The environment can't handle it anymore and we still call it normal or the cycle of life.

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You wouldn't inflict the same violence on a dog or wild bird that is necessary for your habit. So why pay someone else to do it on the factory farm?

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You know that your meat comes from a factory farm, you know that human dairy consumption is not natural, and you know it's wrong. But you can't openly have an intellectually honest discussion with yourself or anyone else about the topic. That's why you have a lot of rhetoric programmed into you, that relies heavily on cognitive dissonance, ignorance, and catch-phrases like vegans shove their beliefs down your throat because you can't have the discussion.

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It's hard to accept or think about veganism at all if you're not already a vegan. If you're not passionate and open to change, it will be hard. You're also scared of being a hypocrite during that in the in-between period where you decide to go vegan but might still have temptations to animal products while you're fighting the addiction. Ignore the virtue-signalling vegans: do it your way. Do it gradually if you have to. It's better to decide to go vegan and risk giving in to temptations at the beginning, than to plug your ears and deny veganism altogether. Any reduction in dairy, eggs and meat you eat is a success.

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Aside from doing it for the animals, health, or environmental reasons, it's important now more than ever given what's going on in the world with the creepy impending New World Order where we're all going to be chipped like animals. People are so naive when it comes to thoughts about good and evil, racism and sexism, etc. What's going on here is basic psychology that extends from the individual to society...


You are most important, then your family, then your friends and community and country, and then the opposite sex, then humans, and then select animals. Generally we don't care about animals that aren't in our physical space or aren't our family. That's how people keep some animals as pets while eating others, and it's the same mechanism that allows human atrocities to occur like genocides and murder in the name of god. Murder is built into so many religions. They tell people that their kind is most important and others and animals exist for (ab)use.

14 B Pit of pigs.jpg
Flock of sick pigs being buried alive

It's easy to break the cycle. Taste, habit, tradition, convenience and addiction are some of the biggest things that keep people hooked on animal products, along with lack of knowledge, skill, or creativity while adjusting to a new diet. To "go vegan" means you stop being something else, and to stop something is like a small death. It's hard for us to see someone, go somwhere or do something for the last time. But time is running out. The revolution begins from within. WE are the change!


"Go vegan, and no one gets hurt!" -@Drutter

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Not sure what all the talk about the veganism conspiracy is, but it is weird the rise in veganism lately along with the high association of veganism and SJWism. Maybe it's controlled opposition and/or maybe it's right for the wrong reasons, like the elite want a less polluted planet. But they still want to eat meat, so of course they'll get to but it will be illegal for the people.