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I remember, before Reagan-Bush, nearly every community of around 25,000 citizens had a municipal hospital. So we saw 12 years of Republican presidency with the rise of Hospital Corporation of America coupled with the decline of municipal hospitals. What was the then Democratic-controlled Congress doing?

Flash to today where most Americans want Single-Payer Universal Health Care--like every other industrialized democracy on the planet--but not enough Democrats are on board. Obama's administration could have given us health care for all, this instead of Romney Care. Meanwhile, California has a Democrat as governor and a veto-proof Democratic legislature and the last health care for all bill got tabled in the legislature.

If any issue clearly demonstrates America functions as a duopoly -- good cop (D) vs. bad cop (R) -- on behalf of the oligarchy (America's Oligarch Enrichment Project) it is the issue of health care. It's also same-sided when it comes to Big Banking, Big Defense, Big Oil, Big Agri, etc. Democrats and Republicans, pretty much, are only different--with inordinate main media support -- on issues like god, guns and gays and, of course, the almighty wall.

Anyway, while main media shepherds you on the distractive issues, read and weep when it comes to crucial issues like war, labor, health, education, environment and electoral reform!

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I didn't really know much about this until now but it is very good to think about and to pass around. For example, look at Bill Gates of Washington State. I'm near Seattle, which makes me think about Bill and what he might have added to those vaccines in India which then caused so many people to die for example. Yeah, Big Oil. Yeah, big this and big that. Don't forget, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Globalists, Big Jihadists, Big Leftists, and Big China. Upvoted. Resteemed.