Forget labels,it is time for something else

2년 전

I can work with toxic masculine types, hillbillies, Russians, Iranians, Islamists, Southern confederates, black panthers and black nationalists, cowboys, the elderly, the young and impatient, the borderline unwitting white racists, Asian racists, communists, capitalists, die hard wackos on the far left screaming at everyone to have more empathy as if we have not thought of that already, and some of those on the far right.

When it comes to business I do not let the short term distract us from the long term. If you want to change people you have to work with them on a mission, and during the course of that mission you earn their trust. They then listen to you. That is how it begins, you morons.

Get with the program. Stop screaming at people. Stop trying to use the crowd to shame them. Stop shaming them. Stop trying to corner them, bend their arm, and stop screaming for a moment. Start opening up to them and showing them over 5 years or more another way. Do not expect change in a year. You are too impatient. No average human can do that. Be realistic.

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