My thoughts on equal opportunities

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Business is not just business. Business is personal. It is lives and each human must put that before any philosophy around supply and demand, markets, etc.

Concepts such as economics, supply and demand, free choice, ignore the importance of nuance. People cannot simply move to new places without psychological damage to their children. At the same time that cannot be used as a tool to complicate correction in a break down in the equal relationship of cooperation that is between employer and employee.

I support collective bargaining because everyone must be equal when it comes to preserving self-interest and self-preservation, and the only way to secure that is to take away power asymmetry from the demand side. It is not about politics, ideology, or values. It is about meta responses to a preponderance of power in a two person prisoner's dilemma or stag hunt model. To beat a perpetual defector with a preponderance of asymmetrical power one must seek out other players to join forces to equalize their might and force upon them thoughtful cooperation.

As a startup CEO these are things I considered. Sometimes I wish I had all the power in the world so I could force people to be altruistic and punish those that are not. I see them as an inferior strain in the species that should be defined dignity despite their successes.

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