Was Jesus a socialist?

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 Religion is often used to argue points to make people rethink their arguments. Recently... Within the Christian community.. People have been met with the argument "Jesus was a socialist".Christians are responding more and more to those who tried to get their vote. It seems they don't trust the government either.Touché.

This is a major voting block in most western nations. If you fail to secure them there is a good chance something is more than a little off. Christians are often quiet and deep thinkers who heavily analyze matters. They will often look at more long term consequences and what effects will occur if decisions are made.They do this because they want to avoid doing evil at any cost. For their souls sake. They often side with conscience over desire even if it means hard work is required to accomplish goals as a result.Christians s believe the end does not justify the means but rather... 

That the means are a predictor of what will result.(End justifies the means Example: kill those who refuse a shared government and shared goods with enforcement teams would bring a result of everyone participating.Means predict end example: if people are killing people who refuse their authority ultimately you have killers in charge asserting authority over others.)That said... Here is the response that is hitting and flowing through the Christian community like wildfire. Was Jesus a socialist?


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It is an anachronism, Jesus was not socialist, because socialism did not exist, much less Marxist, because Marxism is based on historical materialism, and Jesus was not materialistic.

I'm sorry to leave my answer so late.