Congress NEEDS yet another vacation???

6개월 전

Well, here we go again! Masterbaiter Mitch McConnell has adjourned the Senate while Americans are dying in record numbers and HE got re-elected? I have to wonder how much a genocidal FREAK a person must be before people realize the fact that he wants YOU DEAD?

Nancy Pelosi is absolutely NO BETTER! She wants to play nice with Ol’ Mitch. While there are over 250,000 dead right here in this Country and the number grows each day by over 1,000 AMERICANS.

WHAT is the matter with the AMERICAN PROPLE that would make them vote for these INEPT, CORRUPT, MYSOGINISTIC Geriatric mouldy OUT of TOUCH multi-MILLIONAIRES again and again? WHY is it that the AMERICAN PEOPLE allow their democratically elected officials do NOTHING FOR THEM, but they do EVERYTHING FOR THE BILLIONAIRES? WHAT is WRONG with all of you ALL? WAKE THE FUCK UP and get representation that will work for you!

© Mitchell 2020-11-21

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