How tired must you be, before,,, you do ANYTHING?

6개월 전

I honestly don’t know why the people of the United States of America are whining about the election of 2020. EVERY congressional member swears the same oath of allegiance as the Military and the President of the U.S. of A. “That they will faithfully execute the responsibilities of their office and defend the United States of America AND the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES both FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”. Can anyone tell me what, exactly, TRUMP has been doing for the last 4 years besides trying to destroy the Constitution the same way Barrack Obama has done by suspending Habeus Corpus? How about SENATOR lindsay graham calling several states election personnel trying to get them to throw out legally cast ballots? UMMM, isn’t that election tampering? Isn’t what Lindsay Graham is doing called “Election FRAUD?” Why is it that 50% of Americans think that what is going on with the Republican Party is alright? Why is it that the Democratic Party does and says NOTHING? It is possible that if they said something, they, themselves, would have to do what they were elected to do?
Isn’t it about time to do away with the “2 Party” system and get a 3rd choice? Why not get a party that will represent the PEOPLE of this Country? How long are the “Best Educated” people in the world going to put up with the ILLEGAL activities of just a few of the greediest of us? By the way, “Best Educated” is simply a myth. There is absolutely NO Empirical evidence showing that the U.S. is the best at anything, other than the number of incarcerated people per capita in the WORLD.

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