If wishes were horses, then beggars could ride

5개월 전

Well, the election is over and the political emails haven’t slowed in the least. The main difference being that I am getting the emails now about “Biden’s Cabinet Must have,,,” all manner of differences.
Does ANYONE honestly believe that “Joe Biden” will pay any attention to what the American People want? 78% of the CITIZENS of this country has made it very clear that Medicare 4 ALL is a very important issue. What did Joe Biden say? “I’m going to improve “Obamacare” and expand it. BIDEN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY. In some respects he is WORSE THAN TRUMP when it comes to the United States. He wanted to disassemble the Social Security program in 1986 so he could “Balance the Budget” by diverting the Social Security funds. Do you honestly believe that he would put people in his cabinet that would benefit the Country? He has already proven that he is governed by the Wealthiest of Wall Street and he doesn’t give a shit about the Country.
Congress is JUST AS BAD AS BIDEN since they have just passed a VETO proof DOD Budget having done NOTHING for the AMERICAN PEOPLE who are gradually STARVING TO DEATH and are on the VERGE OF BEING HOUSELESS. And MOST of the incumbents got re-elected so this one is on YOU, the VOTERS.

© Mitchell 2020-12-09

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