The rise, rise and the rise of the dynastic politics

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Look at the political parties in the developed world!

Who owns them?

A particular person or a family?

No. Definitely, not the case.

Then who owns it?

The general public does.

What about the ownership of political parties in the third world countries?

Are they owned by the general public?

No. Definitely, not the case.

They are owned by a particular person or a particular family and they run it like a private company.
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If we dive deep into the political structure of the Republican and Democratic parties in the USA, we can definitely say clearly that these are not family enterprises and anyone can rise to become the leader and ultimately become a candidate for the post of president. Look at how many people even in the Republican Party were against the nomination of President Trump but still, he won it with public support. Many people can dispute his nomination and his ascendency to the presidency but it is a fact that he is a president now. Similarly, Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States without having any elite or political background. Same is the case with conservative and labor parties in the United Kingdom.

Now If I look at the examples in the third world countries, I can clearly say that most of the political parties are run as family enterprises. In my country, Pakistan, all the three major political parties; Peoples Party, Muslim League and Movement for Justice are a solely one-man show or one family show. The leadership role always remains in the hands of a particular family and without that family, the parties dilute and become obsolete. Same is the case with the Congress party of India which is being run by the Gandhi and Nehru family and is currently led by a Gandhi called Rahul Gandhi.

This lack of democratic culture has severely hampered any chances for poor to rise above the ranks, get a top role in the party and bring a revolutionary change in the political structure of the country.

I think it will take time but ultimately the political parties need to be democratic in nature because political parties are the basis of democracy.

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