Downsizing The Government - Start With Redundant Agencies!

3년 전

With the direction our current administration is going regarding policy and regulations, it's conceivable that this COULD be one of the first times in a long period that real downsizing of the oversized Fed might take place.
Imagine you were an advisor to the administration. What programs and agencies would you recommend cutting back on?
I don't believe attacking the hot topics right off the bat would be the best route for convincing people that downsizing government agencies is a good thing, so I would probably advise starting with some departments and agencies that would really gain multi-platform support or would result in benign or unnoticeable changes.
One that falls into these categories would be the USGS. The United States Geologoical Survey employs 8,670 government employees with an overinflated budget of $1 billion, and there is too much overlapping with other agencies and departments in regards to duties and responsibilities. The USDA, Department of Natural Resources and all of their sub-departments, and the Army Corps of Engineers do most of the USGS work for them. Currently the USGS centers most of their attention on monitoring seismic activity and are dabbling in lunar and other planetary mapping for space exploration. However, I argue that they could do enough of that without so many administrators and researchers concentrated in only a few research centers nationwide. And obviously, of course, people will get to see that even though the agency has been downsized, it wouldn't change the response time, predictability or prevention of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions any.

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