Wanna be hitler v/s unity

3년 전

mumbai is one of india's biggest financial city. I am talking about mumbai because i am from mumbai and i have seen how it is changing because of the he who we cant take name is trying to become modern time indian hitler, he got what hitler did wrong and learn from it. He knows that if he fights we indian stick together when it comes to ultimate fights so he is doing the opposite of that. We indians can be a little fool if someone smiles at us or talk nicely to us. The hitler alike person is taking advantage of that thing, spreading things through social media and tv that how awesome he is trying to make india like we were children before we need someone to be our parent who will take our decessions for us.. like we dont have brains, there are problem which he solves and becomes the hero. But did you ever thought where were this problems before he came into picture?
Now there are things coming out about plenty of people how is it possible in 2-3 years? We dont want to know who is dead already what crimes he did in his past, when there are good people who are doing good things on his name.. why make there whole life usless by telling them the person they think was there ideal was not really that? How will it make MY country better? The taxes increased slowly slowly.. if its only 1 penny why will you care about it right?
But check the reports from past 3 years how many times in the year it happened what was the price then and what is now? Did you check suddenly the crime rates are down but there are crime happening still mumbai is on its way to become like delhi in safety issues.. where are the reports then?
Why follow someone who is saying there are good days coming since past how many years i lost the count? There are plenty of things that we should be thinking carefully.. he is going after every community and groups one by one not together and we foolish people think that its none of our concern let them handle there problem.. but fool did you forgot that you ARE in that list too in near future he will be going after you too, and then this people whom you refuse to help will be seating in there houses if they have any and watching the news qith popcorn and cold drink because come-on its not there concern you take care of your problem.
You have linked you adhar cards to everything do you know that now anyone can check any details of you if they are good with technical stuff? Do you know he who has invented adhar card has you on his little finger like a puppy? Do we need bullet train to be successful or we need them to cut some taxes and let us leave peacefully? Do we need some statue in the indian ocean near gujraat to show how awesome we are or we should be trying to payback the money we have taken from world bank?
There are plenty of point i can write here but i dont think i have to people are intelligent i just have to push there brain a little bit so they can think carefully everything is so clear but we have a blind fold of media on our eyes as soon as we will take it out we'll see the clear picture.
Do we need to be fighting minor caste v/s brahmin battle or we should be more focused on how to take care if our economy which is day by day going worse? There are plenty of things that we should be doing but to start with what we are doing and why we are doing it? Media is a great way to educate people but if it is misleading people then maybe we should think with our brains then the foolish heart who believes every good thing people will tell us.
Yes good days will come but we have to fight for them together not make thousands of groups and inbetween forget our aim and start fighting with each other. The power of unity can make and break a nation.

Thats it folks.. needed to rant about it.. now i feel fine.

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