A Dishonst Feminist/SJW Meme - Common Sense Disproves it!


Not long ago I was scrolling through Facebook, as I am wont to do, and unfortunately I stumbled across a very dishonest SJW meme that probably should go on the r/thathappened subreddit if it isn't there already. It is clearly a fabricated story, or a story of a woman who found a rarely and exceptionally disturbed man, that is used to bash all men. Without further ado, here it is:

There is so much stupidity here that we need to break it down. Let's just go from beginning to end.

First, of course the author sets herself up as this knowledgeable person who people come to to ask all of their questions. She also seems to have a sort of "nice guy" who listens to her, but she proceeds to totally disrespect.

Next, why on Earth does the guy hand over his phone? If somebody asked me to do that I would just say no...and I don't even have anything bad on my phone! Why on Earth would he agree? Especially when he has things like that on his phone. I would also point out that if "all" men are trash, why does she need to see his phone? Shouldn't there be millions of readily available examples not related to him anyway?

Finally the meat and potatoes of this story - the gif and the men's unanimous reaction to it. First off, I don't know if I know anybody who is in a group chat with 20-50 people (also that seems to be a strange range...if she looked at it closely enough to estimate the number of group members, why doesn't she have a more precise estimate?). Who even makes a group of 20-50 dudes anyway? But the bigger question is, if this gif is real, how could she possibly know it was of rape? That makes no sense! You can't tell if consent was given from a gif! This should be obvious, yet thousands of idiots didn't think of that and shared the meme anyway!

Finally, how did none of these men reactive negatively to this gif? I know I would certainly be disturbed if a friend showed me actual rape porn. I get that it is roleplaying, but that is not my thing at all. I don't like anybody showing me porn - I do that on my own thank you! I don't think there is any group of men who wouldn't have somebody object or just walk out in this situation. If this story is true, and this is a group chat like this, I have news for her - these are not normal men. You have stumbled across some sort of cell of deeply disturbed sex offenders.

But let's just keep it real. This story is made up. It is disturbing that there are some feminists who hate men so much that they not only use anti-men hashtags, but even make up stories to justify themselves.

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