#WhiteLadyToxicity - When SJWs Turn on Themselves


SJWs turning on each other isn't exactly a new thing - it can bee seen in almost any left-wing space to some degree. Prime examples can be found throughout "cancel culture", including any leftists accused of sexual assault, even without evidence, even when the charges fall apart later.

This just so happens to be a good example I stumbled across recently.

Now there is no doubt that some white women played/play a role in promoting white supremacy. However this shouldn't be the revelation the article and poster seems to think it is. After all a movement based on race isn't going to end up being divided by genders between people of that race. But what really amuses me is the hashtag #WhiteLadyToxicity. The creation of a hashtag indicates that this poster wants other people to use the hashtag as well, and get this idea of Toxic White Women more attention. She basically wants to get this idea of Toxic White Women to be a motif in our culture (a cultural meme as some might say), just like "Toxic White Male" is.

This amuses me because many of this woman's supposed allies are progressive white women. This post is basically designed to divide many white women from the SJW movement. I can imagine this would turn away a large number of white female feminists. Basically you have people who are, in many cases, already bending over backwards to support SJW causes who are now being demonized by this woman because they happen to share a race and gender with a woman who supports Trump.

(To be clear, I'm no fan of Trump, and I definitely believe that there are white women who support white supremacist causes. It is even interesting to discuss how femininity has been used in the past to give racism a "softer" face. However, that's not the point here. The point is that it is unfair and counterproductive to smear all white women with this hashtag as a result of one white woman doing something you think is racist. It is disturbingly and unfairly collectivist to label an entire racial/gender group like this.)

So who is this woman posting this anyway? It turns out she is a petty political activist. According to her website she is appointed to the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Board of Executive Directors, the Richmond City Social Service Advisory Board, and the Richmond Human Rights Committee. She is also involved in the local Democratic committee. Clearly what the Democratic Party needs right now is to target and smear white women, a key part of their base! What a brilliant activist.

Disturbingly, she is also a Social Worker, and lists her political activism on the same website as information about her professional Social Work. This seems unethical to me, as this will certainly discourage people who disagree with her politics from seeking help for their problems. I feel that any white person, male, or apparently white female, would have to worry about discrimination upon seeing this site. If you are already feeling like you need help, how discouraging would it be to see that your "helper" things you are toxic before even meeting you?

She also apparently teaches sensitivity training, which people may be mandated to attend as part of their job. Does sensitivity to different groups include labeling them all toxic because one of them did something you don't like?

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