The linear political spectrum needs a rethink.

2개월 전


When someone gives his or her view on abortion, most of us make an assumption about his or her views on gun control. The shocking thing is that those assumptions are usually right.

This, to me, is why we really need to kill the idea of a linear political spectrum. It's not only absurdities like placing Stalin and Hitler on opposite ends of the line; it engineers thought.

When people base their ideas off of an understanding of this kind of a spectrum, moral consistency can seem incoherent because it doesn't fit neatly on the spectrum.

There's no reason why being pro-choice should mean that you're anti-gun or the opposite. It's a mentality created through a concept of group loyalty that's been perpetuated by schooling that tells us that, if you're pro-gun, you're right wing.

It's a massive purity test which we impose on ourselves through years of training.

Classical liberals seem weird to people because we're morally consistent. Moral consistency doesn't fit into the traditional spectrum.

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