Why I voted Labour (My first time ever!!)

5년 전

There has always been a sense of alienation for minorities in Britain. The community where I grew up in Brixton South West London has had its fair share of struggles from the poll tax riots in the 80s to police brutality. Today I am proud to say that the place where I grew up is very different. Everywhere people are mixing and spending time with each other (I will do another article about my hometown later). The point is, Britain's once hidden and ostracized members of society have grown up and are now more aware of politics, we are no longer the hidden minority but active participants in society, we are part of the workforce and have decided to have a say in the way that our country is run.

I watched this video from UK Hip Hop artist Lowkey and something triggered me to take part. Reading tweets from Akala and seeing the trending #boybettervote hastag was a signal that my generation and those that follow are about to make their voices heard in a way that Britain has never seen before. Not through rioting or protesting but by casting our votes - for Labour!!

I did and will do it again and hope we continue on this path as record numbers of young people came out to represent.

Lowkey - Double Down News

When JME met Jeremy Corbyn

Akala - Casting his first vote

The UK Grime culture galvanized the British youth to register and we came out in force to vote and that is a victory no matter the outcome!

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Very interesting article, i enjoyed watching these videos. I think Lowkey's backing of J.C has been very pivotal to a lot of young people and 30 year olds decision to back Labour, it was amazing to see the involvement from the GrimE and Hip-Hop scenes every present in these discussions, even websites like GRMDaily.com and SBTV even ran short bitesize videos on educating the youth on their rights and how to vote. Its also great to see that these political discussions are still ever present on our timelines and it might be a massive turning point if these young people remain engaged, openminded and unbiased and go for the better choice for U.K citizens. Very glorious days ahead, bring on the next general election, heads will roll.