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Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, Go Fuck Yourselves! Oh wait, you already are!

Monopolies Always End Up Screwing Themselves After They Eat Everyone Else, They Consume Themselves Because That Is All They Know How To Do...

We the people still have the freedom of choice, we can choose to stay with abusive entities, or we can leave your ass in the dust! There are various reason why NFL is losing its viewers and stats can lie,, however, ex-vets, and patriots are a large portion of the National Football Leagues viewers and have stuck with the NFL through numerous scandals are leaving and are not buying advertisers products. I think bringing politics into our private pastimes is wearing on everyone's nerves. We are feeling fatigued and walking away from the constant negativity.

I don't know if many of you listen to Alex Jones who has an independent website called Infowars. The link I included is an article from his website on the banning of his Apple-app and anything to do with Alex or his website on the internet's main social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. Google also has delisted his website store products, campaigns have removed advertisers and software that provides shopping carts and credit card use, which fund his independent news website.

As a lover of history banning an entities freedom of speech is alarming, this is a warning sign for authoritarian behavior which brings economic terrorism, famine, disease, and war. The winner of battle always takes away the masses freedom of movement, speech, property rights, and freedom to protect one's self and faimily

My husband introduced me to Alex Jones and Infowars back in 2005ish when I won an argument with solidly researched based facts that American corporations helped fund and organize the Nazi Regime, which included IBM.

My husband being no slouch started researching and found Alex Jones interviewing Aaron Russo. After watching the video of Alex Jones, I was interested and found Infowars website, I also started researching the Third World Traveler Website, which introduced me to many progressives, socialists, communists, liberals, anarchists, republicans, democrats, and other people who agreed with much of what Alex Jones published. They all may come at the problems with our world through a different view, but all have concluded our world is in deep trouble from a minority of people who have one thing in common, tons of money and the ability to control information, governments, and economies. I won't go into the details, I will leave that to you the reader.

I do not agree on how Alex Jones presents his information, he irritates my ears when he interrupts the people he is interviewing and his over-the-top theatrics. However, if you listen and research you will find out quickly what he is screaming about, warning the general public about the collusion between the small group of elite rich families, corporations, government and media are out to manipulate the public for their own profit rather than the good of the common people and our planet is true.

Alex Jones and his journalists are not perfect regarding reporting details correctly and without bias but have you met an ideal or unbiased journalist? There are corrections, and hopefully, the truth will be uncovered through public dialogue, good arguments and critical thinking, self-correction and digging deeper into vast amounts of data on the internet. Without freedom of speech we the public cannot debate and gather a broad spectrum of views and ideas that are needed for a well-rounded view of any argument or debate.

I Need A Variety of Views and Research Data!

Am I The Only One That Loathes Gossipy Corporate Entertainment News?

Unfortunately Google isn't going to help when the ordinary person like you and I want to research what journalists, political figures, leaders, scientist, etc. want us to the ordinary people to believe and follow. Of course, if you had good teachers, they would have told you, " don't believe anything you read or hear, research and come to your own conclusion." Google’s Eric Schmidt admits political censorship of search results. If you are like me you like to read all sorts of views including pro-con arguments. With this kind of censorship, it is hard for people like me to develop a well-rounded view, which I think is directly linked to my mental health.

Search the word Trump on Bing and Google

I think this is why we are seeing an uptick in mental health issues, people are not only suffering from overmedication, poor nutrition, loneliness, but also they are suffering from cognitive dissonance, which is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. An example of cognitive dissonance is when you see people trying to remove free speech from a person or group of people who they claim are trying to silence their views and free speech.

I watch Alex Jones every day my favorite is David Knight, he is well mannered, libertarian, and Christian guy who is easy to listen too and I agree with who is also my age and grew up in the same culture I did, as I said he is easy for me to listen too because we come from the same culture.

Alex Jones is abrasive, compulsive-workaholic, maniac, businessman who has a point of view I can understand, the freedoms we have fought for here in America are slowly being diminished to the point of non-existence. We need to be historical, not hysterical about this point if you know the world's history. America hasn't been perfect regarding personal freedoms, but it has been one of the few places in this world everyone wants to live because no matter our beliefs, religion, culture if we have a great product to sell or work ethic we can have a chance to create a living from our efforts.

One reason I am speaking out is that all the people I grew up with, mostly white middle-class Christians fought for the rights of all Americans to have a chance to make a success of their life and a healthy community and country. The corporate media has forgotten the millions of Christian White Americans who gave their lives so "everyone" can be free to live as they wish here in America as long as they follow the simple laws handed down to us living in America through our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Maintaining My Weight-loss

My khaki shorts used to be tight the 1st of May, 2018, now they are hanging low on my hips.

I have easily transitioned from a 4 month 800 calorie diet to a maintenance diet of 1200 calories. I am supplementing to help my fatigue and cognitive issues related to fibromyalgia and menopause. I will go into detail in a separate article. After my weight loss, around 20-25lbs I am now going to start an endurance program focused on building muscle and my balance.

I don't care about my looks as much as I care about my mind and bodies overall health. My focus will be based on maintaining muscle mass, memory, and balance, which I think are directly related to elderly health and longevity.

Diet Updates

Third Layer, Shadow and Details

Spirit Fox

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The title alone had me dazzled, hahaha, omg.



Thank you @weirdheadaches, I struggled with the naming of this article...hahahaha


Day 2 Carnivore/meat only :). This stuff is fascinating :D! Have you looked into it much? Im hooked lol. Gonna do at least 30 days. Im also doing cranio sacral therapy and it is amazing. <333

Ps HI & TY for sharing

What is wanted by you to do....?


Walk away


So don't worry. Come to Bangladesh, enjoy our natural beauty. It will be more fun.


No worries for me, I am practicing my freedom of speech, which I still have here in America on Steemit. If I mention or post about Alex Jones or Infowars or hundreds of other people who are now banned on social media giants website I would be banned and my post deleted. But I don 't know how free I would be to speak my mind in Bangladesh lololol


Hmm.. You are right.

Great post. Followed as you seem to be someone that still has the ability to critically think... something that is almost non existent in the mass population now-a-days.


I hope there are more like me @budz82❤️😁😂😂😂

I used to listen to Alex Jones and David Knight. Yes they are libertarian truth-tellers. Alex was obviously over the top but the world needs a bell ringer and he fits the role perfectly. America needs to be awakened. The Sheep will need to rise from their slumber. And the media was bought off a long time ago. I believe in Liberty and freedom. May alternative does not settle well with me. Sounds like your diet has been leveling off in a healthy way. Thanks for sharing and spreading truth and freedom @reddust


You should contine to support a variety of independent news and data sites @enjoywithtroy, I buy Alexes nutraceuticals, many of the products work for me 💪🏽

Your funny is excellent l.I like your funny and post


You caught my funny @alamin❤️


Thanks and you are great man

Always be happy with yourself and your body which sends positive signals to your brain.

If politics makes you tired, you're probably a well off white person with no crushing issues plaguing your life. For a lot of people this is life and death. We dont have the time or money to treat politics as some fun academic pursuit. When you treat it that way you look like a disconnected loon.

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a great analysis.......... thank for sharing

Wonderful post,You spend your life very happy and very great,your husband is so cooperative,your health is so perfect,your figure is to good,Exercise is more important in our daily life,Many benefits of exercise in our body or health,your age is 54,and your looks so young,diet is more important in our good health,Best of luck for your next life,And your art is so impressive,Fox looks to good,Wonderful painting,I always like your posts,thanks for sharing,@Reddust,

Work done by you and your husband will lead the society

May be something miscalculation about Jones, otherwise it will be find something new else, best of luck for your WIP.

Great post TLDR

The ending part of your article really caught my attention.

I don't care about my looks as much as I care about my mind and bodies overall health. My focus will be based on maintaining muscle mass, memory, and balance, which I think are directly related to elderly health and longevity.

This is really what most people should crave for.
I am happy you are moving in the right course and definitely it will be worthwhile.

And actually look great 😁✌️

Need freedom of choice

i appreciate with you

Such a shame YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Facebook and probably Twitter too dropped Alex Jones.

I love watching his content and reading this article, now I want an Alex Jones sticker

You should also check out: Milo Yiannapoulos, Katie Hopkins, Ben Shapiro and Paul Joseph Watson - that's if you don't already.


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Wow its very interesting post

The truth of the matter is that the "elites" are doing their job of manipulating us through different means with the sole purpose of maintaining power. They also have studied history and know what has happened when there have been revolutions that have overturned the political order. They want to stop reasoning people from gathering information, they want to limit the numbers of reasoning people by providing mediocre education, they instill fear in order to pass laws that serve their purposes. They list is longer and we can talk more about it in the future. Regarding Alex Jones, I have learned to filter style and to focus in content.