It Was A Damn Good Day For Patriots & Bitcoiners

4개월 전

Covid19 has definitely got the world down, maybe even more so in America, but today was a day to begin uplifting our spirits.

First, the mother and hair salon owner was freed from jail by the Texas Supreme Court and Gov. Greg Abbot said no one else will be jailed for breaking virus guidelines.

Next up came Lt. General Michael Flynn having all charges dropped against him. The FBI set him up, lied about everything and forced him to plead guilty to save his son.

Bitcoin hits $10,000 before the halvening!

Lastly, acting DNI Director Richard Grenell is releasing a shit load of Russia Collusion bullshit documents. The Deep State and Leftists are going absolutely bonkers because their house of cards is falling down. Sometimes you gotta have faith that the wheels of Justice grind slow, but grind exceedingly fine!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it's only Thursday! Friday is gonna be LIT! Have a wonderful weekend!
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Oddly enough, Trump will lose in November and true patriots will cheer.