War and Peace

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I was thinking about my job lately and after I'm now part of the steemit network. I decided to share with you my experience in this extreme frustrating situation.
I've been working in Near East Foundation, which is an international non governmental organization, since the beginning of 2017. I've been working here in peace building between Israeli and Palestinians.

It's very frustrating when you work harder and harder to get people together and prepare for events several months, you finish a project and start another, you think you are successful and have a big influence in the society. And suddenly BOOM!


Everything falls apart because of one event!
One of the sides decides to attack the other and things escalates quickly, all your work will go to garbage. Then you start back from the beginning !

The Palestinian - Israeli conflict is now 70 years old. They tried war, they tried peace. Nothing worked!
War has never been a solution, it's always making things worse for both sides. But when peace fails, every side start to eliminate the other, and they for sure will fail.

As a Palestinian, I have Israeli friends too. Most Palestinians and Israelis who work in trade are friends, they buy and sell for each other making a good base for reconciliation. The governments look like they are not happy with this kind of friendship. I think if they only leave it for people, they will for sure be friends, and good friends.

will they ever.png

Willl they ever?!

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Thank you for being here, your voice is needed. I hope you continue to share your actions and perspectives.

Hello, @Rushdbitar . This is not a subject that I know a lot of, but as many of the wars that has occurred in the world, the faith of millions is decided by the believes of a few.

Not everyone understands that we are all the same, that the religious or regionalist problems shouldn't be a problem and in some cases it takes a LOT of time to see change.

Bee strong in your journey! You know you're doing the right thing for the world. (Here it from a Venezuelan brother, our government people are driving us to some sort of war too).


I really wish the peace for all the world. It seems that most of the wars are economic driven. So I put my faith in blockchain to change that!!


Good thinking never fail .

I don't offer my attention service anymore, but I went ahead and looked at this post. War is a terrible thing and hopefully we can get rid of the current money system to move towards a more peaceful world.


Thank you very much for stopping by. I appreciate that.
I also hope the blockchain technology will end all the evil in this world!

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