Why I choose to Opt Out.

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Why don't I vote? We are all slaves in the eyes of the state and your vote means nothing. The government always wins no matter if it's a Democrat or a Republican in the white house. Authoritarianism still wins. Things never really change the debt remains, the wars remain, the taxes remain, prohibition, and many other rules, restrictions and aggression against individual liberty remain, and every 4 years we get a politician that makes promises to change things for good, but real change never comes.

You think your right to vote is so sacred and special, but really it's a trick. They fooled you. Voting is the outsourcing of force. Your vote is an act of aggression, by voting, you're not robbing me directly, but you are voting for someone else to. how is that morally right?

Electoral promises are meaningless because politicians are able to lie to gain the favor of the electorate, and then do exactly what they want once they have it. Then there is no accountability or recourse, other than waiting another 4 years or so to vote them out and replace them with someone else who will follow the established template and do the exact same thing.

The act of voting grants legitimacy to the idea that it’s acceptable for the majority/collective to use the coercive arm of the state to impose their will on the minority/individual using force, or threat of force, and for that reason, it is immoral to vote. As such, the only way to truly de-legitimize the system is by not voting. When the people refuse to participate in droves the international community can no longer recognize the results of the election as legitimate. This perceived legitimacy is such a concern for politicians that in some countries it’s now a legal requirement to vote
A non-voter emerges from the electoral process with a clean conscience because they can legitimately proclaim that what the elected ‘representatives’ subsequently say and do after they have gained power is not done in their name, not with their permission, and not with their encouragement.

To not vote DOES NOT mean one relinquishes the right to then comment on, complain about, or protest the actions of the government, it is completely the other way round. When one votes one effectively makes a contractual agreement (the voter is officially recorded doing so), which hands over the right for someone else to speak and act in their name, and as such, assents to whatever the government does thereafter. A non-voter however, has not done so, and therefore retains the right to complain, object and protest all they want.

Join the movement, Don't be a sheep Opt out!


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I'm with you bro, in this movement against the injustice and fake rights given to us.


No doubt bro voting reinforces the idea the ‘people’ have the power rather than the largely unaccountable bureaucrats who make the rules.

@samsiedenstrang, Thank you for your opinion, comment in this post. so realistic .: xD


Thank's for stopping by and checking it out