Is crime and violence now commonplace in Venezuela today?

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Today we live in a world where the law changes every day, as a victim of many abusive organizations, crime is defined as what is normally done or done without regard to both written and customary law, even if it does not comply with it. Basically it occurs for serious crimes among these, damage to both the integrity of a person and a murder. If we look further into the fact that unpleasant behaviour is criminalised we are not only talking about a crime, there is also violence and it is just the way it is, that we have spent years of years and we see it as something so common. The interesting thing is that at the point I want to get to is that there is a solution for everything, an easy decision to make, with a very difficult job but that in the long run it works very well, and the worst thing is that as long as there are two units it is impossible to deal with because it goes directly to the criminal field. Venezuela today is in a demanding investigation where the fact of life is increasingly risky. Despite the fact that every year there is a service in which a statistic is given, where inflation is seen where the economy is very affected and where the level of unemployment is seen every time.


When analyzing crime in Venezuela, we cannot locate an origin, because crime has existed since time immemorial, before the laws, civilizations and all those possessions of which could be stripped of their rightful owners. The crimes were not taken as crimes until laws and decrees were created that limited people's actions, actions and thoughts.

Venezuela has become one of the countries with the highest crime rates in the world. In recent years, starting in 2010, crime in Venezuela has increased alarmingly, and unfortunately this has continued to increase over time, showing that almost twenty thousand ''20,000'' homicides in 2010, equivalent to a monthly average of more than one thousand five hundred ''1,500'' homicides and a daily average of fifty ''50'' homicides, which increase annually. Normally, the control of crimes is carried out through the detention and imprisonment of individuals considered criminals. Thus, they are separated from the rest of society because they are considered dangerous to it in different ways. The existence of prisons and holding spaces for alleged criminals is, however, a fairly modern invention dating from the 19th century.

Crime in Venezuela is a general problem that affects every inhabitant of the country, as well as the wealthiest and those with few possessions. Venezuela was ranked as one of the most insecure countries in 2008, occupying fourth place in the homicide rate with 45.1 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, in the same year several surveys were conducted indicating that crime was the main concern of voters.

In fact, if on a general level we see it as the basic agents that make it so:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Murders
  • Corruption
  • Kidnappings

If we talk a little bit about the _''Drugs'' Venezuela is qualified to be in the 4th place in drug trafficking, If we talk about murders the homicide rate is over saturated because the homicide rate according to figures in 1990 was 13 per 100,000 and increased to 25 per 100,000 in 1999. Over the next four years, the murder rate had risen to 44 per 100,000. In the 1970s, oil exploitation has worsened political corruption, assuming that Venezuela has been classified as one of the most corrupt countries.
And we come to kidnapping, the most delicate point at the moment, taking into account those of more, I say that this is the most important, because if we make an analysis of this because it happened with the coming of President Chavez who was the cause of releasing a number of prisoners.

It was also explained that the criminals considered that the Venezuelan government did not care about the problems of the higher social classes, which gave the criminals a sense of impunity that turned kidnapping into a big business. Both rich and poor are victims of kidnapping, including criminals.

In 2009, the number of kidnappings was estimated at 16,917 per year. In 2011, Venezuelan government statistics gave an average of two kidnappings per day, while other estimates showed 50 kidnappings per day. In 2013, the consulting firm ranked Venezuela fifth in the world by number of kidnappings, behind only Mexico, India, Nigeria and Pakistan. The report indicated that 33% of kidnappings took place in the capital city of Caracas and that hundreds of kidnappings occur every year.

As one might expect, we find numerous types of crimes that may have social, psychological, economic, etc. origins. Thus, it is not the same, for example, who steals food because he has nothing to eat as he who abuses a woman or commits murder. In general, those societies that are disordered and have serious economic crises see an increase in the crime rate that can reach important levels and be difficult to reverse if state policies are not implemented to combat the basic social problems that lead to the commission of crimes.

Unfortunately, crime is now a universal phenomenon, very old as human civilization itself and also very complex to eradicate. Despite the fact that the police and the judiciary, each from its own place, pursue and punish the criminals who commit crimes is never enough.

  • Criminal organisations are made up of a growing number of members.
  • These organizations receive weapons from the police through corruption, which makes it easier for them to commit crimes.
  • Purchase, sale and trafficking of drugs at the national and international level.
  • New or growing organizations that look to young people for more members.
  • Existence of an incalculable number of organizations that are dedicated to different criminal areas: robbery, kidnapping, smuggling, murder, drugs, weapons etc.

All this could change if we take or rather the government will take more precautions like:

  • suspension of constitutional guarantees. To warn that murdering a citizen will amount to a severe penalty.
  • Attack in a coordinated and precise manner, the places where criminal gangs hide or live, eliminate their nests.
  • Destruction of the organizations that make life in all the prisons.
  • Distribution of prisoners in the national prisons to have easier control of learned criminals.
  • Purge the police forces in order to eliminate corruption.
  • Construction of housing developments for members of the police and armed forces, in order to group them together and improve their protection.
  • Assignment and care of vehicles, cars and motorcycles to officials.
  • Reinventing the entire judicial system, the current one is no good, it is a mockery of justice and society.
  • Prohibition of the transport of people on the motorcycle grid.

These are one of the ideas for trying to control and reduce crime in Venezuela, but the road ahead is long, but with the due effort, dedication and support of the state's public government agencies, this goal can be achieved little by little with a vision of a more peaceful and secure country for each of its inhabitants, without distinction of social classes or economic positions.

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