Tucker Carlson, "I just want them out of my yard"

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One of yesterdays talking points on Fox News happened to be the subject of Piers Morgan losing his job. I don't normally watch this much Fox News in one day but happen to have it on listening to it while remodeling my duplex next door. For the most part though through the years I'd been a big advocate of posting Fox articles on blogs for discussion, that is before what happened on election night and Fox being the first to call out Arizona as the winner. Which most thought was rather premature. For anyone paying attention to the shenanigan's that went on that night that premature move may have very well been to divert attention away from the states that were caught hauling in ballots after they claimed they shut down operations for the night. I guess we will never know for sure because election fraud is a taboo subject when it comes to Fox News.

With that said something caught my attention last night, well actually more than just something, more like somethings said caught my attention. One was Tucker Carlson's lead in story line. He said:

A lot of Americans, a lot of people in the west are under severe pressure right now to conform and most of them do conform because they are afraid, but it's interesting to see who doesn't conform, who refuses to repeat the slogans, who stands up, Piers Morgan is one of those people and he lost his job.

This brought me back to something that Tucker said last week, he said "I just want them out of my yard", when referring to the antics of the left. I still go over to the Fox blog a couple times a week when I feel compelled to remind people after a certain episode that no matter what they are claiming you still have to remember they were the ones who brought in the trojan horse on election night. Finally after the last few months the picture is becoming clearer as to why my warnings are right. They are feeling the same pressures to conform otherwise they might find people in their yards. I mean he wouldn't say such a thing unless they were or had been showing up in his yard. Maybe this is why he felt compelled to move his family to a remote location in Florida this past winter. None the less this is telling that rather than to stand up against the tyranny they'd rather conform and keep collecting on their million dollar contracts while living a lavish lifestyle in a remote secure location. I think they call such actions putting make up on a pig, they'll color it up a bit but in the end a pig is a pig. Here's another prime example taken from The Five when Greg Gutfeld was asked his opinion on Piers Morgan:

"It's a different kind of cancel culture because he cancelled himself-which I sort of admire- (giggling coming from one or both of the women)-rather than like bend over (more giggling) as we are seeing with our American corporations he just got up and left the studio and didn't come back, but that just goes to show where race and politics invades it creates stifling discontent, you must believe a certain assumption or your can be ruined. He just decided look I am at a certain point in my life where I don't have to do that but it's also weird now how cancel culture is creating strange bedfellows because all you have to do is be burned and then you find friends in other people that you didn't like. Like I never really cared for Piers Morgan's opinions because his nonsense on guns
drive me crazy but then when I seen him going head to head with the woke I changed my mind because I found it like common ground, you know we can at least debate about guns but cancel culture you can't debate. (To which Katie Pavlich responded that she was in the same boat in that regard which led me to believe she was the one doing the giggling).

All that brought me back to what I told people last week on one of Fox's blogs. Fox lost a huge part of their audience after the election. I told them what you are seeing here is an attempt at rebranding themselves but in reality you have to remember they drove the Trojan horse. Greg's opinion drives that point home, what he is saying is he can't debate cancel culture but Fox gives him a brand new show at eleven supposedly, as claimed, to cancel cancel culture. Which is it Greg because you can't have it both ways. This is farcical at it's finest.

One thing most of them probably don't reflect on is the fact that when people have watched them consistently over the years their traits become as familiar to those people as family members do. In an upcoming opinion piece I am going to detail out what you should watch for because it's only evident to me at this point that Fox's premise doesn't really lay with conforming. They want to lead you to believe that they are going up against the conformist but in actuality the objective is to get back to the politics before the ushering in of the Trump movement. This is an important detail because it isn't just driven by the fear of the left it's driven by the fear of losing a lavish pampered lifestyle. While they are busy distracting you and pulling your chains on the antics of cancel culture and the woke underneath it all they are subtly but systemically framing the narrative to a return of pre-Trump era politics. If that meant being the driver of the trojan horse we have reached the critical mass of scorched earth politics. In the scorched earth political arena it's every man for himself.

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