The Tipping Point: The Death of the Democratic Party


The Tipping Point: The Death of the Democratic Party

Each morning for several years now, I've woken up with the understanding that some weird and unsettling shit would probably happen in the world that day. This has been simply proven by looking over the events of the past and seeing that weird shit has happened every day and let-up has only come in the form of tension and anticipation of what’s coming next. And so far, 2019 has not disappointed and may already have signaled the start of a tipping point that will lead to mass desertion of the Democratic Party.

We are living in strange times and I am forever marveling at all the information that is being made available to us and how for the first time with relative clarity, we can see how we are manipulated by a system designed to enslave and control us.


The news of today keeps reminding us that political correctness not only destroyed comedy, but has paralyzed our interactions and is making a joke of pronouns and all language that follows. We have been made to resist what we don’t know and to fear imaginary enemies. These are the conditions we find ourselves in as we sit alongside stubborn, extreme opposition, firm and unmoving, waiting for more irrefutable truths to speak for us in lieu of attempting conversion tactics that don’t work. We know that in order to escape a deeply rooted paradigm, reality sometimes needs to punch us in the face and different truths must be understood in order to see with far greater acuity. And it’s only as an individual that we can choose to broaden our capacity to see and understand--nobody else can do that for us, except nature.

In the absence of reasoning, what is happening is that the nature of things is revealing undeniable truths that can’t be explained away or pushed aside. Perhaps it’s an influx and balancing of spiritual energies that assists us. It reconnects us with what matters and reminds us of our values so we can see that we’re not victims to New World mind control after all.


What we’re seeing right now are opportunities for people to take stock of their beliefs and to see how the media sells them lies. Let’s take a quick look at just the past weeks and see how this recent unfolding of events can be the catalyst for a greater awakening:

• Covington students visiting DC are accused of racism for wearing MAGA hats. Media is quick to condemn them despite any proof of wrongdoing and they are literally accused of ‘Expression Crime’. The story is put on blast and media programming continues to slam Catholics, white boys and to equate the iconic red MAGA hat to a KKK hood. >>>>>>The incident is swiftly proven to be a hoax and the Covington students are seen to be rather mature and heroic as it is proven that they were the ones being harrassed and bombarded with racist statements. >>>>>> Cracks appear in the narrative.

•Clinton appointed Supreme Court pick Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses Supreme Court arguments for the first time in her 25-year career; proof of life is brought up and Weekend at Bernie’s jokes begin to proliferate online prompting liberals to accept a death cover-up if necessary.

•Openly rabid sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome, actor Jussie Smollett goes rogue and chooses to execute a surefire attempt at Making America Suck Again by claiming he was attacked by Trump supporters yelling, “This is Maga Country!”. This poorly conceived plan to derail greatness was done in the middle of the night in -18° weather. As of this writing, he’s holding to his story even as more holes appear in it, including the fact that the bleach that was thrown on him would freeze in only 18°, making it impossible to pour. Further, Smollett claims to have been attacked by the two men who we are to believe recognized him despite the poor weather conditions and through it all, Smollett still managed to hold on to his Italian Cold Cut he’d just gotten from Subway. With sandwich in hand, he is seen on security footage to walk by a security officer in his building and not report the attack.

•In the wake of the RBG mystery and hysterical SCOTUS confirmation of pro-life justice, Brett Kavanaugh, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam seemingly supports a new bill that proposes to extend late term abortion rights to include infanticide, as has just been passed in New York. Yes, a bill that would allow the most selfish and procrastinating women the right to terminate not a pregnancy, but the life of their child if they decide they don’t want it after it’s born. The Democrat party (now known on Twitter as the #DemoKKKrat Party) charges ever closer to embracing the term ‘Baby Killers’ and a new round of liberals begin asking themselves if this is what they signed on for?

•On the heels of this abortion issue, this same governor is exposed as having a past that includes dressing in blackface and/or wearing a KKK hood; he even recalls his moonwalking aspirations. Apologies come quickly followed by denials and proclamations that he is not depicted in the offending photo. CNN confirms their good standing as Fake News leaders by labeling Northam a Republican!


What makes this more than just another week of outrageous news is that it is unspinnable. We are seeing issues and agendas as they are, unvarnished and dirty and I have not even mentioned the pedophilia arrests or John of God Hell! People are starting to wake up and accept the pain of being wrong and the world is going to start to come into a different type of focus that will at first anger, but with that focus and newfound understanding, we will see more acceptance and much less drama brought on by attempts at creating division.

You can’t help but wonder if this is the tipping point for the Democratic party. Does the #Demexit of 2016 that evolved into the #WalkAway movement and #Blexit explode to an awareness level that essentially annihilates the entire party? What is left of it but extremity? Has this series of events and exposed corruption create an atmosphere where it’s now impossible for any Democrat to deny themselves a moment of self reflection? Do our pussy hats suddenly feel loose, ill-fitting and overused? Have our natural roots regained a position over the lifeless blue hair that signifies our liberal programming? Or do we double down, raise our fist in anger and scream at the moon, but not too much because we just had top surgery last week.


Today, media savviness means that you have to be able to see through the fake news, the manipulations, fear-mongering, the corrupt allegiances and understand when bad actors are trying to get ahead of a story. This is a skill many of us have been honing over the years and one that I predict many disillusioned liberals will pick up and soon begin to use to their advantage.


About me: I am a writer and artist. My book Toxic Rainbows is available in paperback and ebook.


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