NDP Has killed without killing ( Alberta Truly Dead )

4년 전

I am from Alberta originally and always has pride in the Province. I moved about 1 year ago before the fall as times were getting tough. Reasons to the hard times was the NDP being elected. Tax's went up and so did everything else, foreign workers were also starting to really flood our home space and work space. So i have found that it was time to start fresh as personal life stresses, my family not having the quality of life they deserved as i could not provide them.

I moved to British Columbia and things have been great, taxes are higher there but work is easily found, and the quality of life surpassed more than i thought it would. Family couldn't be happier. Me and the Wife decided that is would be nice to return to Alberta to catch up with a few friends.

We traveled to Alberta and have found that most of our friends have past on all due to suicides.... ( I am 23 and my friends were around same age ) I thought this couldn't be! I started asking around of locations to where they were buried so i could pay my condolences but i couldn't believe what i heard from 90% of their loved ones. things from they couldn't find housing to no employment for over a year and no one was able to help anymore as their resources were tapped. I'd Imagine they found it easier to take their life then deal with the society the government has placed us in.

I am ending my vacation with nothing good to say i am quite disgusted about how the NDP treat not only Albertan's but Canada. Iv'e Seen to many graves of young people, and i'm not prepared to see more. Much respects to the one who took thier lives trying to tolerate the once great province that NDP ruined... along with many great friendships.

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Couldn't agree more with Alberta's decline. Government is a disease and the NDP is the most deadly type..