The Phenomenon of the Rad Balloons

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Who is Anatoly Shary?

Many Ukrainians know him as an investigative journalist, blogger and critic of the Ukrainian authorities. You could see his investigations about the corruption of the ruling elite, the revelations of deceitful politicians and fakes in the media on his YouTube channel.

He is named the first political blogger of Ukraine and has repeatedly been recognized as the leading opinion leader in social networks and topped the lists of bloggers on subscribers' involvement in discussions! Over the past five years, Anatoly managed to become the first political blogger in Ukraine, who received the golden YouTube button!

The number of supporters and associates of Anatoly is constantly growing every day.
Now more than 2.1 million people subscribed to his channel, and in total my videos have collected over 2.3 billion views!

Leader of opinions.

  • His opinion is listened to at the highest level. For example, the achievement of the dismissal of the consul-anti-Semite in Hamburg, and this story hit the pages of the world's largest media


  • Poroshenko's collapse
    They were able to seriously undermine the rating of Petro Poroshenko before the presidential election. Thanks to our joint efforts, Poroshenko came to a frank hysteria, began to tear off hats and tweak people for asking about Anatoly Sharia.

  • source Learn more about conflict

    We started this movement because we realized that there is a certain ceiling. We have learned to pursue such things, which the whole country watched, and not only ours. It can be said, watched the whole world.
    We have learned to achieve our goals and want to transfer this skill to the council!

    Anatoly Sharij

    In the party of Anatoly there are almost 150000 people and every day hundreds of supporters join us!

    New faces of the youngest political party

    According to Anatoly Sharij, his PPSh party was created with the following goals:

    1. To expel from the ruling elite those who stole from citizens of the country for many years.
    2. Help the president and create an association with him.
    3. Control over board members to prevent depletion of the population.
    4. Move the truthful information from the official channel to the Parliament.

    Despite the fact that the blogger himself was banned from participating in the elections, his political force takes part in them.

    What is the phenomenon?

    ...the phenomenon is that the politicians of the old formation cannot admit that the common people of Ukraine are completely free to organize themselves around their elected leader, and to defend their rights and ideas despite the tough pressure from the ruling elite and their minority!

    Previously, people were attracted to political actions and rallies with money, food, or entertainment of a mass harrakter. On the contrary, the activists of Sharia, who are themselves looking for funds to buy red balls - what has become the official symbolism of the party, t-shirts, transport and photo-fideo accompaniment. Natural spontaneous garbage collection from Sharia’s activists in the territories polluted by people is also becoming common. Thus, people show that they do not care about the future of our country, and in order to achieve their goals civilized, legitimate credentials are quite enough.

    This is the first meeting of party activists and like-minded people in Zaporizhia! Distribute joy and balloons to passersby

    Our guys were met by small opponents with fake slogans and shouts to the supporters of the party, but nothing happened without clashes.

    Camera: Nikon W300
    Video by @Dimarss
    Zaporozhye 1.07.19
    #place !steemitworldmap 47.850598 lat 35.115801 long d3scr
    #Sharij #ЯШарю #Шарий #Ukraine #ua #jjm #actnearn

    Information gathered from the official website of the party.

    Follow the activities of the party in social networks:

    YouTube Facebook Telegram Instagram

    Join the party!

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