Democrats Abandoned Klan To Build The Fake News Network

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For Something Never Change
By Amber Waismann
October 7, 2019

When the Democrats’ right-arm (the KKK) image had all dried up, Democrats did what Democrats always do, tossed it aside like Dan Rather, Matt Lauer, Stormy Daniels, and Dr Ford to migrate and repackage into something fresh and untainted, while every bit abusive - enter the Fake News Networks (FNN).

Like the FNN, the KKK abusive strength was used to inflict as much fear and intimidation upon the Republicans as possible, whether white or black. At its height from 1882-1968, some 4,743 intimidation tactics of lynchings occurred in the United States (not all lynchings were recorded no doubt). Of these, 3,446 or 73 percent were black and 1,297 (27 percent) were white. Whites fighting Democrats, were the victims of more than one-fourth of all lynchings in the United States at the hands of Democrats. It’s also ironic now that Democrats call for reparations, trying to spend America’s money to pay for their Party’s sins. The reality of this stunt is: if you can no longer burn them, simply buy them. Today, many of the well informed know not to blame America for the sins of the Democrat Party.

The FNN reputation-lynching nightmare has been used in full force to bring down countless Conservatives who dare defy Democrats, such as all those who helped elect President Trump, or his nominees to the Supreme, e.g. Bret Kavanaugh, sending a clear message to forward elections to think twice if you dare help another Republican. Undocumented Democrats like McCain and Mitt Romney are praised, only to give Democrats the appearance of purists drinking from the unbiased chalice. It’s not because they like them at all.

Make no mistake, when the FNN image too dries up, Democrats will slither into something new, with with all their wretchedness attached... For somethings never change.



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