Vidéos marquantes 2020-01 1 de 2 (EN)

2년 전

Voici un palmarès des vidéos anglophones qui m'ont marquées et que j'ai écoutées dans la première moitiée du mois de Janvier.

Thèmes principaux

  • Censure
  • Motivation
  • Actualité
  • Trump
  • Environnement
  • Socio-Politique
  • Économie & Cryptomonnaies


Welcome To 2020, The Political Game is RIGGED Against You And Here Is The Proof

Tim Pool (28m21s)

Protests Rage: What You're Not Allowed to See on IG NOW B/C of US Sanctions!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m29s)


The Secret To Being More Outgoing...

Ray William Johnson - Svperhvman #004 (8m37)

Why Do We Hate Ourselves?

Ray William Johnson - Svperhvman #005 (8m19s)


High Taxes And Failed Leftist Laws Are Causing Blue States To COLLAPSE

Tim Pool (22m23s)

BREAKING: Are We Safe Now? Shocking Photos of Bill Clinton Emerge!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (15m53s)

Round One Is Over: There Will Be Another Major Event Soon

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (16m33s)

You May Be Shocked By What I Saw As A Result Of This Terrible Entanglement

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (20m48s)

President Putin FOREVER? CNN & Native American Try To Take Down Bernie Sanders

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (18m41s)



Lauren Chen - PseudoIntellectual #120 (15m24s)

Women Now Outnumber men In The Workforce and men Are Taking Traditionally Female Jobs

Tim Pool (11m45s)


Media EXPLOITS Trump For Ratings Crying "Orange Man Bad," NYT Claims 2019 WORST Year For Journalism

Tim Pool (24m21s)

Democratic States And Cities Are COLLAPSING, Census Predicts Major Republican GAINS

Tim Pool (23m25s)

No Trump DID NOT Just Start World War Three, WW3 and Franz Ferdinand Trending Over Fear Of World War

Tim Pool (19m47s)

BREAKING NEWS: HUGE Escalation, What Will Happen Next!!!

Tim Pool (18m20s)

Trump Goes To War For Democrat Defector, This May Be The Most IMPORTANT Political Battle Of 2020

Tim Pool (13m50s)

What Is Donald Trump Doing?! Major Truth About Elite Connection!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (19m59s)

White Working Class Voters Are On The Decline, This Means Trump LOSES In 2020 But Trump Has An Ace

Tim Pool (26m10s)


Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (84m48s)

Putin Makes BIG Move! Even Israel Wants None Of Trump’s Madness!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (18m39s)

Did Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Save Us All By Getting Trump To See Important Info?!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (18m45s)


Stop Climate Change Alarmism

Alex Epstein - PragerU (6m19s)

The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Paul Joseph Watson (9m30s)

Leftists Are Spreading FAKE NEWS About Australia Sparking Climate Change Hysteria

Tim Pool (13m01s)



Paul Joseph Watson (9m14s)

The Top 24 Most Absurdly Politically Correct Moments of the 2010s

Tim Pool (11m41s)

NUDITY: Empowering or Exploitative?

Lauren Chen - PseudoIntellectual #122 (18m16s)

Political Groups Exploit Children Like Greta Thunberg And David Hogg Then Discard Them

Tim Pool (1m20s)

Économie & Cryptomonnaies

The Most Dangerous Word In The World

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (33m37s)

Where, Why and How to Hold Gold and Silver For The Coming Collapse with James Turk of Goldmoney

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (39m05s)

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