Vidéos marquantes 2020-02 2 de 2 (EN)

2년 전

Voici un palmarès des vidéos anglophones qui m'ont marquées et que j'ai écoutées dans la deuxième moitiée du mois de Février.

Thèmes principaux

  • Censure
  • Motivation
  • Coronavirus
  • Actualité
  • Trump
  • Féminisme
  • Racisme
  • Communisme
  • Woke
  • Socio-Politique


Facebook Censorship Is TERRIFYING And Could Make The Effects Of Coronavirus WORSE

Tim Pool (19m56s)

The Largest Trump Forum, The_Donald, Was Effectively SHUT DOWN, The CRAZIEST Act Of Censorship Yet

Tim Pool (23m51s)

Twitter Will Give Leftists The Ability To Censor Conservatives, I'm Exaggerating But Not Really

Tim Pool (10m49s)

Project Veritas Expose Gets ABC Journalist SUSPENDED, People "SHOCKED" That Major News Lies

Tim Pool (13m13s)

Facebook Under Fire Again as Governments Try to Catch Up with Tech Regulation

Subverse News (12m39s)

EXPOSED: Samantha Bee's Censorship Lies!

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (17m35s)

Trump's "Whisper Network" Of Secret Voters Growing Due To Far left Censorship

Tim Pool (12m10s)


How To Live a Happier Life

Ray William Johnson - SVPERHVMAN #010 (9m31s)

How To Be More Productive

Ray William Johnson - Svperhvman #009 (10m09s)


Stefan Molyneux ( @stefan.molyneux ) (27m43s)


Stefan Molyneux ( @stefan.molyneux ) (4m57s)


The Elites Want More Power Over You as China's Virus Spreads

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m11s)

Coronavirus Hits Europe, Italy Under Quarantine, ITS GETTING WORSE, Could The Election be Postponed?

Tim Pool (20m35s)

World Of Warcraft Might SAVE Us From Coronavirus Pandemic - No, Seriously

Tim Pool (17m27s)


Steven Mosher & Stefan Molyneux ( @stefan.molyneux ) (47m47s)

The Truth About the Coronavirus - ORIGINS?

Stefan Molyneux ( @stefan.molyneux ) (23m15s)

The Truth About the Coronavirus - SPREADS!

Stefan Molyneux ( @stefan.molyneux ) (29m55s)

It’s Getting REALLY Bad! THIS Is What You MUST Know...

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m21s)

Coronavirus REINFECTS Woman Who Recovered, Could This Be "Bi-Phasic??!" This Could Get WAY WORSE

Tim Pool (18m57s)

Leftist Media is LYING About Trump's Coronavirus Response But You SHOULD BE PREPARING

Tim Pool (22m59s)

Are You SERIOUS? These Governments Promoted Hug A Chinese Tourist Day!!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (12m29s)


Trump Just Made History, THE END Of The Afghan War Is here, Troop Withdrawal Beginning SOON

Tim Pool (19m44s)

Democrats Now Openly Embracing Cheating, Defend And Brag As They Sell Their Souls To Defeat Trump

Tim Pool (24m20s)

Democrats EXPOSED Plotting To STEAL Election, Republicans Laugh At Chaos Inside Democratic Party

Tim Pool (24m39s)

Democrat Debate DISASTER Has Trump Gloating, Democratic Party Is CRUMBLING As Trump And GOP Laugh

Tim Pool (24m34s)

Democrats Civil War Just Went From Crazy To Insane, They Had To Call The Cops On Bernie Supporters

Tim Pool (22m32s)

Bernie Sanders: What You're Not Being Told

Larken Rose & Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (11m57s)

The Real Reason They Are Attacking Bernie Sanders As Putin's Kremlin Pick

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (18m37s)

Bloomberg Is Considering HILLARY CLINTON As His VP According To Drudge Report

Tim Pool (20m33s)

Democrat Launches Guillotine Symbol For Her US Senate Run, These People Are INSANE

Tim Pool (11m25s)

Democrats Quitting Party Clearly Has Pelosi Worried, Defends Ripping SOTU Speech And Blames Media

Tim Pool (23m10s)

Democrats In Absolute CHAOS As Panic Over Party Collapse Goes From Bad To Worse After Nevada Caucus

Tim Pool (26m31s)

pace Force Prepares for Operations, SpaceX Gets Ready to Send Tourists into Space

Subverse News (11m11s)


Why Democrats Can't Beat Trump in 2020

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (21m31s)

DEBUNKED: Obama's Lies About Trump Economy

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (14m29s)


Gavin McInnes & Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (84m08s)

Trump's Approval Among Black Voters Has DOUBLED Basically Guaranteeing Him A 2020 Landslide Victory

Tim Pool (11m51s)

Latest UNHINGED Smears Against Trump And Bernie PROVE Just How Insane Democrats Have Gone

Tim Pool (25m38s)

Trump's Approval Among Black Voters Has DOUBLED Basically Guaranteeing Him A 2020 Landslide Victory

Tim Pool (11m51s)

Trump has Bolstered His Support With Latinos, Here Is What It Would Take For ME To Vote Trump

Tim Pool (13m14s)

MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER

Tim Pool (25m06s)

Trump In India And What He's Doing On The World Stage, That The MSM Isn't Telling You

Tim Pool (20m14s)


Woke Feminists OUTRAGED That Man On A Date Wasn't Chivalrous, But I Thought They Wanted Equality?

Tim Pool (11m57s)

Psychologist Warns Men NOT To Date Feminists, Feminist Dating Ideals Are A LOST Cause

Dr. Shawn Smith & Tim Pool (16m34s)

Psychologist Offers Advice For How To Date As A Millennial Man And What To Look For In A Partner

Dr. Shawn Smith & Tim Pool (21m07s)

Feminist Professor SHOCKED To Find Even Feminists Prefer Traditional Gender Roles In Dating

Tim Pool (12m41s)

Feminist SHOCKED To Find She's Not Attracted To Boyfriend Wearing Dresses

Tim Pool (12m56s)

Shocking No One But Feminists, Women More Likely To Divorce After Getting A Promotion

Tim Pool (11m10s)

Twitter Feminist SHOCKED That Her Stupid Opinion Resulted In Backlash, Blames being A Woman

Tim Pool (11m13s)

Social Justice In Colleges Directly Correlates With A Majority Female Student Body

Tim Pool (13m24s)

Feminist Tries To Claim Joe Rogan Pushes You In A Rabbit Hole Accidentally DISPROVES Her Own Theory

Tim Pool (11m11s)


SHOCKING: R*CIST Student Wants Whites Gone!

Lauren Chen - Pseudo Intellectual #140 (19m16s)

White Bernie Bro Attacks Black Dude At Bernie Rally, Bernie Has A SERIOUS Supporter Problem

Tim Pool (19m42s)


Trump's Immigration Crackdown Drops Immigration by 11%, Sotomayor Is OUTRAGED After LOSING Ruling

Tim Pool (11m19s)


Bernie Just DEFENDED Communist Cuba AGAIN, He Probably Just Lost 2020 To Trump By Saying This

Tim Pool (20m35s)

The US Has Been Infiltrated By The Chinese Communist Party, FBI ARRESTS US Academics In On The Take

Tim Pool (24m46s)

Democrats PANICKING Over Bernie Sanders's Defense Of Dictatorships, They Even Tried Blaming Trump

Tim Pool (25m34s)


British Politician Says Babies Have No Biological Gender, Trump Is Going To Win 40 States I Swear

Tim Pool (20m38s)

Preferred Pronoun Laws Are COMPELLED Speech, No One Can FORCE You To Say Anything you Don't Want To

Tim Pool (12m22s)

Liberal YouTuber Announces She Is LEAVING The Left Because The Left Has Gone Too Insane

Tim Pool (33m54s)

The Young Turks Hypocritically REFUSE To Recognize Their Employee's Union, As If This Is Surprising

Tim Pool (20m33s)

SHAPIRO: California is a Hellhole (and it's getting WORSE)

Ben Shapiro (7m28s)


The END GAME: Why the WEST is in DECLINE

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (18m37s)

2020 - The Fire Rises: GLOBAL TURNING POINT

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (18m17s)

Why the West Won

Niall Ferguson - PragerU (5m42s)

Is Voter Fraud Real?

Eric Eggers - PragerU (5m40s)

Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller production)

Jordan Peterson (54m14s)

Quebec bashing (5): Quebec will keep bleeding cash if it remains in Canada!

Jean-Jacques Nantel (11m46s)

Quebec bashing (6): Since 1763, Quebec got stronger and Canada weaker!

Jean-Jacques Nantel (11m55s)

Quebec bashing (7): Quebec is a moral superpower!

Jean-Jacques Nantel (16m13s)

Leftist SMEAR Of PragerU BACKFIRES, Prager Raises Over $50,000 Following Fake News

Tim Pool (11m05s)

The Left Has Lost Its Thought Leaders Leaving Only Far left Woke Moral Authoritarians

Tim Pool (11m11s)


Rudy Giuliani & Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (85m21s)


Stefan Molyneux ( @stefan.molyneux ) (2m05s)

Three Arrows and Grifter Politics: A Response

Black Pigeon Speaks (33m48s)

Principales publications


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