Albatross Bird Death

3년 전

One of the environmental problems that is now increasingly showing a very serious negative impact is the level of death experienced by the species of kingdom aves named Albatross albatross. And maybe Albatross is not the only animal that has experienced a serious death rate at this time. But the problem of death that occurs in Albatross should be a very meaningful lesson for all of us, and not just for environmentalists or lovers.


Many people are irresponsible and who are thrown away in the river water that flows without the slightest responsibility. Yes, and due to the negative behavior it has caused various kinds of disasters, one of which is flooding. But flooding is not the only biggest impact that arises because many people are still littering. And because these negative behaviors are also very detrimental to the life of Albatross birds. Do you know? This albatross species is an innocent victim who must die in vain because of the bad behavior that is still maintained today. Because, plastic waste that is thrown away in the river will flow to the sea. Therefore, it is not surprising that when people flock to the beach, in addition to the beautiful waves, they can find lots of plastic garbage scattered around the beach. And even sometimes the amount is almost the same as the pile of plastic waste that has been disposed of to the Final Disposal Site (TPA).

So learn to throw garbage in its place and always maintain cleanliness so that other people and other creatures do not become victims because of our actions

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