How I Finally Got Support from Poloniex

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How I finally got support from Poloniex.

This all started back on June 3rd when I decided to move my Nem (XEM) from my Poloniex wallet to my Bittrex wallet in hopes of catching a little arbitrage. My first mistake was attempting to trade cypto while distracted. Kid's, dogs, wife, tv barking, etc all wanting my attention at the same time. Pro tip: Find a quiet distraction free place to trade crypto!

The issue occurred when I accidentally switched the address and message fields in Poloniex and then verified the transaction by clicking the link in the withdrawal confirmation email. Make sure and verify your address in those confirmation emails as it's your last chance to avoid future headaches. Never the less, I blindly clicked.

After navigating to the deposit history on Poloniex I saw it immediately.


Yikes! Whats this? Oh no did I enter the message id into the address field? But wait... look... no transaction id that's great it never went to the block. Better search the block explorer to verify. Nope not there time to start a support ticket with Poloniex.

Since I had never opened a support ticket with them the first thing I had to do was create a new account at their support site. This was easy and only took a few minutes. I then proceeded to submit a support ticket, filling in the required fields as quickly as I could. Great submitted the ticket and now we wait... minutes turned to hours, hours to days, days to weeks. What gives? I tried every angle to get these guys to look at my ticket... emailing polo, polo twitter feed, Nem forum, reddit, etc.

I finally decided to take a step back and call on my past experience as an IT Support Tech. After taking a look at my ticket I realized my folly. My original submission was seriously lacking details. All it had was the screen shot above and a one liner. "Please refund my wallet". Putting myself in a Polo support tech shoes I had the ah ha moment. These guys would have to spend an unnecessary amount of time and energy trying to figure out all the details. Important things like my wallet address and message, the fact that it happened because of inadvertently swapping fields, the amount of Nem, etc. Since I know how these support queues work I assumed that my ticket was quickly looked at and then moved to a low priority never never land where it would more than likely sit for a crypto eternity. Rather than just update the original ticket I decided (correctly IMO) to open a new ticket. I figured this would put me back at the top of the queue where a fresh set of support eyes would take a look.

Now it's time to open a new ticket. Enter a good subject include the crypto name, ticker symbol, and type of issue. After filling in the required fields its time for the description. This is your opportunity to tell your story and give the important details, and instructions. Explain what you would like to see happen as a resolution. I like to keep things as accurate and concise as possible here. Last step is to make sure to include screen shots. The more the better, just make sure your not compromising yourself in the process. Once you have it all down read it a couple of times to make sure it makes sense. Remember it's all about the details the more the better. And, remember the common courtesy and this is a big one. Note the original ticket number in your new ticket. This way the support tech gets a two for one, it avoids confusion and wasted time in the future, and it helps our fellow crypto community brothers and sister get support faster.

This is in no way a guarantee that your support ticket will get a faster response but it worked for me so I felt compelled to share. The following is an example of the second support ticket submission. It was resolved in less than 3 hours.

Nem (XEM) Withdrawal Issue.

When I created the withdrawal I accidentally switched the address and the message field. The transaction completed with an error (See attached screenshot)This transaction should have failed before it left my wallet. There is no transaction id so it never went to the block and it never left your exchange. You guys still have my NEM please return it to my wallet. This is my second ticket I'm not sure if you received my first one. Since my first ticket has not been responded to in over 3 weeks and all attempts to contact poloniex have failed, my only recourse at this point is to submit a new ticket in hope of a response.

Please refund my wallet. (See attached screenshot of wallet)

Nem Message: 975aaefaf3d2cbb2

Amount 3037.68250000

I hope this helps in someway. If you have further questions please let me know.

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This is great! I just sent SBD to my Poloniex wallet before seeing a Steem post that stated a delay in those transactions. I was wondering how I should proceed and you answered that for me! Just followed and resteemed!