RE: Poloniex Crashing? $67,877+ in Unconfirmed Steem + SBD Deposits!

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Poloniex Crashing? $67,877+ in Unconfirmed Steem + SBD Deposits!

4년 전

That's crazy! I appreciate the warning because while this has not happened to me yet with Poloniex, I am not going to use it anymore until you and everyone else commenting has their deposits!

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I have txs unconfirmed on for four weeks already. Three similar sized txs went through to Bittrex ok and the fourth just got stuck. Unconfirmed for that long probably means it hasnt even been added to the block or mempool? Word went round that smaller txs were being ignored because the fees were too low to make them mineable... Bittrex said the deposit went through but the actual amount was not added to my balance, and then increased their min deposit and withdrawal amount, the rest is history! I was hoping 4 weeks was a record but apprently not. And now the same thing is happening on my GA wallet. Lots of little missing txs all add up (for someone). No word from support from either, Coinify or Bittrex. Bitcoin confirmation fees have now become ridiculous IMO.

Add me to the laundry list of Steemit users @jerrybanfield. I sent $2000 worth of STEEM and SBD to Poloniex two weeks ago and it never even showed up on their site! I checked their Steemit wallet and my own, doubles checked both memos, made screen shots, which I included in the support ticket I pulled 30 minutes after my funds hadn't arrived. I've replied to the same ticket five times without a single respond or acknowledgement from Poloniex. I can see both my deposits right on their public wallet. They did recieve the funds, and going on three weeks now, still...nothing.