Portland is all about it! and wow!

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It is an amazing thing to be able to be around such amazing positive people. And it was really nice too get to interact with so many steemians! As we get bigger we are going to be able to start throwing some more vote power around and put more people on auto vote.

But you just have to grow to be able to do that and just starting this is a huge start already!

Thank you so very much for everybody who attended and had such a great time. We are definitely excited to bring support to local community as well as kickoff new members down the line with some pretty solid voting power.

Until then we are just going to slowly build up until we can achieve our dreams.

However with boosting I don't think it's going to be a problem for us to get enough SP to actually start making a huge difference.

Besides that we are slowly learning with curation and auto vote! Which making sure to start that off right away will definitely help our growth.

But again thank you everybody so much for all the help and for everybody showing up!Screenshot_20180527-231018.png

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Killer meet-up and will be at the next one!

What a great time and having so many new people want to know more was great!

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