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Great to see Light Painting here. Nice work!

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Are you sure you can submit the contest seems to be just for those who use Steemit... you used SteemPeak to post this... i think that means you're disqualified? hahahaha

btw... cool picture... a zoomed in version of just the girl would also be epic because the lighting on her is so nice


Haha, I see nothing in the rules about this, other than if you use a different front end you have to share a link on the weekly post, which I there. 😜


I actually use steempeak to post the announcements and winners, so this is perfectly fine!! He’s right on the pasting the link in the announcement as some front ends don’t let their tags show up on steemit or steempeak.

You nailed this. I had a bug for light painting in this manner, but never capitalized on the chance. You push me to take it up soon.

A picture that really keeps the eye, wonderful work and prize well deserved ;)
It's good to find another great photographer on STEEM ;)


Hey @caseygrimley, here is a little bit of BEER from @lightcaptured for you. Enjoy it!