Steemit PortraitContest Week 71: "Water Portraits" with Abbey

2년 전


This was from a senior portrait session that Jason and I shot for Abbey last fall at a gorgeous local attraction called "Alley Spring". It's a very popular historic and scenic location and we were lucky to get some shots without any tourists in the background!

Just to provide a little perspective, here is the mill that was once powered by the spring. We walked on the trail around to the other side of the mill where I snapped this shot.

Thanks for checking it out! :)

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Where is this mill?
I'd love to sneak over there and shoot it.


It’s a photographer’s paradise, so it stays busy almost year-round! It’s outside of a tiny town here in southern Missouri called Eminence. So many neat things to see around here! Also a neat tidbit: my great-great-great grandfather owned the original mill before this one was built :)

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