Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 71 STARTS TODAY!!! 1st 2nd and 3rd place STEEM PRIZES!!!

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Week 71 Starts TODAY!!!!

The theme is "Water" and @axeman is still the judge!

Interpret this how you will!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.39.51 AM.png

Winners for week 70 will be posted on Sunday

OFFICIALLY SPONSORED BY: @crimsonclad and @themadcurator!!!

The payout structure is as follows!

1st Place - 10 STEEM
2nd Place - 5 STEEM
3rd Place - 3 STEEM

HONORABLE MENTIONS will receive 0.50 STEEM!!!!!

Guest judges will now receive 5 Steem for judging the contest! Please contact me if you are interested in judging!!

You may enter as many times as you would like but only the best will be considered!!! Also please only enter your original work as a photographer or subject in the photo!! I will be checking for original work!


Use #portraitcontest as one of your tags
Paste your contest entry into the comments on THIS announcement!!

That's IT!

(It has come to my attention that the use of mobile apps doesn't allow your entries to be viewed in a central location, so please leave your entry in the comments!)

I am working with @crimsonclad and @minnowsupport on Discord to support the photography community here on steemit!!

Join us on Discord!!!

Here are last weeks winners!

HUGE thank you @samsiedenstrang for making the NEW logos for the #portraitcontest!!

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What did the mad curator here?

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Rocking in the Rain: Self Portrait


This is beautiful but you need to create your own post using the portraitcontest tag for this to be a valid entry!


Wow this shots are very vibrant!! Followed and upvoted

This my entry. In the background you can see Paiclas beach of the Morrocoy National Park - Venezuela.

Here is my entry for the water theme :

I’m using Partiko to make friends and have fun on the Steem blockchain. You should as well! Here’s my invite link:, you will get 3000 Partiko Points for sign up bonus, and you can exchange them into Steem token!

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✅ Disfruta de la votación! ¡Para un contenido más sorprendente y ver peliculas, siga a @arnaldo06 para tener la oportunidad de recibir más votos


Hello, can you leave the photo alone in the comment or is it mandatory to make a publication and then place the link in the comments?


You must make your own post and use the
#portraitcontest tag for your entry to be valid!


Nature will take care of you.

My first entry ever. I do hope that canine persons are accepted :)

Puma on a morning walk through the Koversada camping near Vrsar, Croatia