Use the frames you‘ve got

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“Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame." Gilbert K. Chesterton

Shooting portraits I love using natural frames and leading lines to set a person in focus. This is one of my favorite locations for shooting people. It's a tunnel in a railway station in Vienna. How do you like it?

SettingsISO 200 60mm f/1.7 1/40 sec
CameraPanasonic DMC-GF1
Location U1 Südtirolerplatz, Vienna, Austria

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Indeed very nice… I suppose you often use vignetting too in order to attract the attention of the viewer...


Thank you very much, @anonyvoter, for your feedback! Yay, I like using vignetting to strengthen the focus.

Natural frames are always the best :)

Great use of leading lines and framing.


Many thx, @bluefinstudios! I really appreciate that! :)

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This is actually very good. Inspiring, in fact.


Thanks @markkujantunen. I am happy that you like it :)


It never occurred to me to use leading lines and perspective in portrait photos or or photos of people in general. But very often there is something in the environment to use for that purpose. You may only have to move a little to have those things aligned sufficiently to make an impact.


Absolutely, alleys and (tree-lined) roads and corridors do work well for this purpose.

I only see a passage, does not transmit anything, perhaps the security of the person?


Ya, it's a passage between the railway tunnels. So nothin transmitting there. ;)

nice shot! this tunnel is awesome, looks like a scenery directly out of 2001!


Many, many thx @killyourhorizon! I love your work as well, just upvoted some of your pictures! Have a great day :)