Portrait Seekers Sustenance Using a Net

2년 전

Hello Steeminians, How are you today...

Today I share a photo about the portraits of the seekers of sustenance use the net.

Setting : 1/160 sec | f 7.1 | 250 mm | ISO Speed 200

Throwing a net is a method of catching fish used by coastal and marine communities.


Setting : 1/160 sec | f 7.1 | 250 mm | ISO Speed 200

This method uses a circular throwing net with a ballast splayed on the side of the net. The net is thrown into the water until it is scattered and submerged in water. The fish caught by the net was then withdrawn.

Setting : 1/160 sec | f 7.1 | 250 mm | ISO Speed 200

This all picture taken with

Camera ModelCanon 500D
Lens CanonEFs 55-250


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Photos captured at the right time :)
Great work :)

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