Danger. Drops.💧 |"666 followers as of today! Please answer some questions"|

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Danger. Drops.


Please take a minute to do the following:
Breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth. 👁️👁️
Just stop scrolling on your Steemit feed. Let your mind wander for a bit, cut it some slack from the ever-present need to move on and on. 💭 Observe this mysterious girl. What is she thinking about? What and who does she see through the glass? The model I worked with is "Sophie" she has the most bright blue eyes one would ever encounter. She was great to collaborate with since she was laughing all the damn time, I had to turn that down a bit in order to shot this more intruiging picture.

Today I finished my fifth week already at the surgery department. It's quite a different piece of cake than Internal medicine was. Things are all about efficiency and making quick and right decisions. 👌 I am trying to put more "post-processing" .GIFs in my posts, since I think you like it. But do you?

Have a great weekend, and let this picture I took help with that just a tiny bit.


Post-processing .GIF


Shot with a Samyang 85mm @1.4 on my Sony A7II


Thanks for your time, Feedback is always appreciated!

"Emotions are there to be expressed, not to be suppressed and bottled up. I do photography in order to take my mind away from the dilemma's I encounter during my medical internships."


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thi-js. Out.

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Great editing. Resteemed!


Thanks a ton!


Thinking about having a mysterious look for the picture? haha

But in any case love the image!


Hahaha, superb comment! ^^


looking at the photo I think the girl is shocked


I think that probably is what most people would think!

She was however having so much fun, honestly I havent worked with a model that laughed more than she did ever before!


Very nice image! Black and white can be a challenge but nice work!


Well Sometimes B&W is the only answer to a quite collerfull and distracting scene :)

thanks for dropping by


i think that is the look of being present that's between each of the human thoughts, stunning picture :)




We are lost in thoughts way to much.

Becomming aware of this can be very handy and make life a bit more real



definitely ^-^

Beautiful shot. Agree we all need to slow down a little .

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really nice edit dude. Love that camera.

That's incredible how you turned that photo around. Beautiful shot indeed!

Hello, I have found you randomly here and fell into your photography. Although, I had to reply to you about body image editorial I've found in your work. I might have don't know your experience and do not try to detract your skills and knowledge but as a woman, I feel as I should say something about. Your models are great, as your photographs, but I've found that when you're editing your work, you're making them slimmer than they really are. They obviously slim, as the models, I know that on photographs it looks better and its a part of the process, though I don’t really understand why too much photoshop on body image?
Best regards.