Mystical. Madam. | ๐Ÿ“ท | "Be drawn into the eyes of this marvelous model" |

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Mystical. Madame.


When she arrived she wore my favorite color and her energy while standing in front of my lens just blew me away. This portrait is one of my all-time favorites. The colors, the background blurr, her emotional (yet intense gaze), and the innocent hand gesture while holding her hair.

Nature fascinates me till infinity. The people put forth by millions of years of evolution are even more interesting. This is especially true when I feel I have photographed someone through the core of his/her being. The emotions we are able to feel and express nowadays are just one big wonderful showcase of the wonders of our collective history as a species.

As a photographer, I only feel successful when I got the sensation of reaching that one goal. Capturing someone's reality.

Finally I had some time between two medical internships to go out with a model and do some portrait work. Shooting with people is what I found to love most about photography so you can imagine how happy I must have felt when Maruschka asked me to work with her.


Post-Processing .GIF


I am not a person of many secrets regarding my art, the thing that makes a photo great is the interaction we have with the world and people around us. Showing you how I edited my work is just one thing I can do to contribute to your knowledge about photography.

Shot with a Canon fd 50mm @1.4 on my Sony A7II


Thanks for your time, Feedback is always appreciated!

"Emotions are there to be expressed, not to be suppressed and bottled up. I do photography in order to take my mind away from the dilemma's I encounter during my medical internships."


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thi-js. Out.

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Beautiful subject and photos! Following you.

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That is so kind of you to notice! Thanks! which one do you like better and why?
ALso do you have any tips?



I like the first one, it has a lot of style. I also like how you showed the subtle edits you did on it. Nice, keep it up!

ย  ยท ย 3๋…„ ์ „

Thanks a ton for dropping your thoughts! Yeah I hope people will like me showing my edits :) It definitely takes way more time, but yeah :)


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I liked your photographs a lot, you have my upvote.