808 coin giving 808% per annum

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Kind time of day young crypto-people, in connection with borodaus :)

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Many stumbling upon this topic will say that it is some kind of fuflomitsin, hayp in one word ... well, can not give a coin such an annual rate! And here it can)

As they say without proof, no-no, but by this, let's start!

By clicking on this link >>> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3111015.0

We can draw the following - this coin has a mining algorithm SHA256 PoW / PoS, created in honor of the legendary 80-s synthesizer Roland TR-808 Tribute.

Yield per day 2.2% ... but there are certain pitfalls, namely - the time of maturation, read the coins should lie on your wallet without movement a certain amount of time, in our case you are equal to just over 8 days. After that your input, steak (a coin of coins in one word) begin to take part in the production of a block with coins that will be equal to the number of days multiplied by 2.2%. Do not be afraid for those days that your coins lie and ripen, they also bring income, which is summarized as a result in a certain figure

And so we know that there is a certain coin that will bring us some income equal to 17% during the ripening and + 2.2% for all subsequent days! It's not bad, is it? But as always in our life there are pitfalls, where even without them ...
In our case, this is the complexity of the network, which is constantly growing. And for today it is equal to a certain height according to which on account we need to have one entrance equal to 200 million coins or more, which are necessary for obtaining coins on the 9-10th day of keeping them on a purse.

Well, okay, we sorted it out, the question is the following, but where can they get a dash and what is their price !? the cost is approximately 0.00000003 ltc, 0.00000001 btc, 0.00092317 doge, 0.0000001504 wawes

You can trade this coin on the following sites https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=bambarbia , https://cryptohub.online/?ref=198 , https://tradesatoshi.com/Exchange?market=808_LTC
Link to download the wallet Windows https://mega.nz/#!uIpT2BpK!bsaedSTYZ4gqN_RgHBEqljiK5uzMSiR-CBFRln8Lrcs ,
, although if you need an alternative platform, then you here Raspberries - http://darkjedy.blogspot.ru/2017/02/808-coin-pos-mining-machine.html , https://dfiles.ru/files/8flgdzpwb , Mac https://mega.nz/#!SQhCDLba!3OSQfZfYTJmmSSSXxfRA8GSO6e5YScVEe1V8NB47-ys

After installing you have a hundred poods there will be a problem - a purse well, in any way does not want to synchronize, without one file, which if you do not know all the nuances then it will not work out to create. But I am a kind Soul, I will simplify this situevina somewhat, stupidly creating the necessary file for you - 808.conf https://mega.nz/#!8cVjmYiT!4QWkifFqnoko5zlwCGAHS9HeyUpRlPgc4yqA8gx1r9w

You guys will just put this file in a folder with a wallet that is very easy to find for a non-trained user. In Windows we drive the search in the search for the following phrase% appdata%, and already there you will find the folder 808 where you will throw this file. do not be afraid of the virus there, here is proof - https://www.virustotal.com/ru/url/71216ea7e98991af2c7f6226d581d2ba513e14cc585f8e8d0f6cf04bf112f755/analysis/
by the way I always check links or suspicious files through this online antivirus.

By the way, I have one wonderful strategy - while the bulk of the coins (the entrance) are looking for their own block, I collect coins from the tap, https://btcpop.co/Faucet/?ref=215424 , and after finding the award I combine them with the main mass

Wow, what a pleasant coincidence, while this "philosophical treatise" was being written, I finally fell another reward after the expiration of 15 days, 77 million with a tail, and a tail;)
This is how my wallet looks -
Сохраненное изображение 2018-9-21_13-57-36.95.jpg

Perhaps I will continue to broadcast about its other features, so that you guys have fewer questions. in the minting tab, you can see the approximate percentage probability of receiving a reward in 10 minutes, 24 hours and 30 and 90 days.

These percentages will evolve after 9 days depending on your input.

And perhaps the last thing you need to know is how to combine the entrances for maximum probability of getting your prey as soon as possible! And so you need to reproduce the following movements - Sending coins >>> Inbox >>> List mode >>> and here we choose those inputs that we want to merge into one. all that we will remain is to send them to ourselves at your own purse address :) And on the new wait for maturing and getting coins for their labors!

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There will be questions I hope I will find answers to them), and to consolidate the material you've been through, do not be lazy to look here, for example, the Hyperstake coin? but the principle is the same there Separation and consolidation of blocks by means of coin control https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/13257-splitting-and-combining-blocks-using-coin-control/

It is likely that soon I will share and the manual on this coin, and on the sim let me take my leave :)

Sorry for my english (((

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Yes, quite forgot to receive a reward from the tap, you do not need to enter the purse address, but only the nickname under which you registered on the site of the faucet https://btcpop.co/Faucet/?ref=215424