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Duck eggs tend to be larger than chicken eggs, which means that most meals require fewer of them.
What Are the Benefits of Duck Eggs?
By Joseph McAllister Oct 24/2017.
It is true that duck eggs are quite high in cholesterol and fairly high in fat. However, the nutrition information from duck eggs is not all bad news. They do provide significant health benefits as well, as long as you enjoy them in moderation as part of a healthy, balanced diet that supplements an active lifestyle.
One large raw duck egg contains 9 g of protein.which is about 18 percent of most people's daily required intake of protein. You need to take in plenty of protein in your diet each day because it is a major component of many different parts of your body, including the muscles, skin and organs. Protein is constantly being used to repair and maintain cells, particularly during childhood.while pregnant.or after working out

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