Bulldog Breeding – ‘THE BULLDOG LOOK…’

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You may have realised by now that my name – @beautifulbullies – refers to my passion and love for the Bulldog breed. If not; surprise! Hehe…


Yes, I love all things Bulldog related. I currently have 5 dogs, 3 are English Bulldogs, 2 of which are home bred by myself.

Why do I breed them myself? Well, because I know that they have been bread with health and temperament in mind, rather than just putting any 2 dogs together just to create a bulldog.

Good Bulldog breeders are unfortunately outweighed by the bad, due to high price tags for a puppy and there are so many sick Bulldogs out there who cannot breathe properly or who have skin issues or deformed legs, all due to the fact that the breeders have bred without thinking about the next generation they are going to create.

DSC_0006 - small.jpg

The last 50 years has seen some pretty awful breeding practices in the UK and indeed in the rest of the world. Bulldogs have seen some dramatic physical changes, most of which have been detrimental to the health of the breed.

Noses and faces became flatter, nose rolls got bigger and nostrils were more pinched as a result. All of these changes lead to extreme breathing issues in the breed. You may have guessed that breathing is a pretty important skill to have, so this was one of the worst issues that bulldogs faced.

Legs got shorter and wider, chests became more barrel shaped and heavy and the whole appearance of the Bulldog changed dramatically. All because the breeders at that time thought they ‘looked more desirable’.

Fortunately, over the last 20 years, there have been some dramatic improvements. There are many good breeders that dedicate their lives to saving the bulldog and returning it to the once healthy version of itself.

In the UK, we also have the Bulldog Breed Council who work tirelessly educating breeders and the public about the importance of health testing before breeding. They run a health testing scheme whereby the dogs can be rated by approved veterinarians to show that the mating pairs are suitably matched and the health and temperament of the litter is of paramount importance.

Anyone looking to buy a bulldog puppy, should first be looking at the test results of the parents, preferably before the litter is even conceived! Good breeders generally have a waiting list for puppies as they do not churn out litter after litter. They wait until the right time, with the right breeding pair and they will only allow their puppies to be adopted by the best homes. So be prepared to be grilled if you are looking for a quality puppy.

ellie small.jpg

If you ever get the chance to visit Crufts on Utility day, you will see many amazing specimens of Bulldogs in the ring, which is awesome to see from my point of view. Crufts is known for showing off the look of various breeds; not necessarily the health. It is a testament to the current breeders right now and they should be proud of what they have achieved.

My aim in life is to help to reverse the damage done to the breed and educate people on bad breeding practices. If we can educate the public, hopefully bad breeders will be put out of business. If nobody buys from these 'people', they will either stop breeding, or they will change the way they do things for the better.

Over my next few posts, I will talk about the ups and downs of dog breeding and talk you through some of the darker sides of the trade and also give you some tips on what to look out for if you do decide to buy a puppy.

Please remember… there are so many dogs already in rescue centres and if you can offer a dog a forever sofa, always consider rescuing before buying a puppy!

bella small.jpg

Much love, Cheryl and the beautiful bullies xx

***All of the bulldog images here were taken by me ;) ***

BTS address: bb-bulldogs

A huge thank you to @zord189 for my bouncing bullies signature!


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Hi cheryl I tagged you in a New account with bullies too, did you See. And the red ball is great is There food hidden in it?
Have a day full of doglove I am in the fog with dog 😉


ah no, I didn't see it! I will go look! I love new bullie friends :D hehe
Your poochy friend is too gorgeous!
No, the red ball is just a toy that they can hold easily in their mouths. Awesome isn't it?! :D


Number 2 is some what bigger and wants that toy too

Wonderful to have you in the mix! Help save this beautiful breed. Growing up with Bulldogs, I know what wonderful pets they can be, great temperament and so fun to be around. :)


Absolutely! They make the best family companions. They have a bad reputation, but they truly are gentle souls :D Glad to find another Bullie lover!

Ah... my kids so desperately want a pet... I might be able to hold them off for a while... but definitely, shelter animals are the way to go. Plus, I like cats... and my wife prefers dogs....


ooo you could get one of each lol Sorry... not helping am I lol


Haha... nope, not at all...

You may have realised by now that my name – @beautifulbullies – refers to my passion and love for the Bulldog breed. If not; surprise!

Something about the way you phrased this really tickled me today.


hehe glad someone gets my soh ;)

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I do know your love of bulldogs and found this such an interesting read


Thank you JJ!


MOst welcome :)

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Awwww how cute. I took care of my daughter’s doggie for a year or so, I got so attached. Then she moved out and now I am thinking to adopt one.


Awww that would be awesome. I know there is the perfect companion out there just waiting for your love <3

Bulldogs are very beautiful doggos, for sure <3 I love your passion and affection for this breed, @beautifulbullies and you are absolutely right, always check the local shelter first for a doggo that might need their forever home and who might be just the perfect companion !!!


Absolutely! They deserve so much love and they don't always do so well in shelters. So the sooner they can find their forever sofas, the better :)

Give a dog a bone :)

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no! bones are bad ;)

I love bulldogs too! They are just so adorable :)


They really are! :D

@beautifulbullies, thank you for opening up on this "breeding" issues because indeed, its difficult to find breeders who are very mindful of their dogs. I have to admit that one of the things that my family and I look for when we want to acquire a dog is to look at the living condition of the puppies and their mother. Its not really important for us if the dog is not purebreed but, the treatment- were they kept in a clean, dry, place which are suitable for them, are they fed regularly, etc are very much important to us because, it could be an indicator if the puppy is really healthy- physically and psychologically.


You raise a very important point here. It is not only pure bred dogs that have the right to a healthy upbringing, all dogs and in fact all animals, deserve to be treated with love and respect and should be given the very best start in life. Thank you so much for your comment.


no worries. I just wanted to raise the awareness on this because these days, its easy to be carried away by novelty of "owning" expensive/designer dogs without really looking into finer points like, how were they raised, what are they required to do/ have to be assured of a healthy and happy life.........

Seriously, there should be an annual assessment/evaluation of all the registered breeders out there or who wanted to make money doing this.

I never knew that animal breeding is a real job and how badly can people mess with it...good to know that things are getting better! Although both of the dogs at my home are "randomly bred" (we got them from animal shelters, and of course dogs out there don't care who they actually date with), lol 😂

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Yes, unfortunately, where there is money to be made, humans will abuse it. Cross breeds are just as adorable as pure breeds :) I love all dogs. It is just my passion lies with bulldogs and helping to return the breed to a better health. I have also had crossbreeds in the past and loved them just as much as I love my bullies! :D

So glad you are bringing up these points! Puppy mills are definitely a huge problem here in the US, too, and with all kinds of breeds. I have known a few people who wanted to breed dogs because they thought it would be easy money, but they soon realized it was a bit tougher than it sounds. I wish more people would think about the health of the dogs they buy and not just wanting a designer breed because it's trendy! Your bullies are lucky to have such a caring and knowledgeable mama!


Thank you, you are very kind. I tell my bullies every day that they are spoilt lol :D
I agree with you 100%. Puppy mills are a huge issue right now and if we can raise awareness, we can tackle the issue. Without customers, they would not have a business and would find another way to make money. While ever people buy from them, they will continue doing what they have always done.


My mom always says she wants to be reincarnated as HER dog. I have a feeling you can appreciate that sentiment, haha!

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hahaha that made me laugh! xD Yes, I totally get where your mom is coming from there lol

Oooww poor things, thats so sad they have formation problems. Glad there is people like you, helping them get into the better shape of themself

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Yes, there are way too many sick or deformed Bullies out there. Luckily in the UK, we are doing something about it, but we still have a long way to go. Which is why we need to raise awareness. If people only buy puppies from reputable breeders, the bad breeders will be put out of business and the breeds can hopefully recover.

I'm more of a Lab guy myself, but I love all doggies! It's really sad to hear what those breeders did in the past, but it's great to hear that there are good people working to help save the breed.


I love Labs too! In fact there aren't any dogs that I DON'T like haha Dogs are amazing and love unconditionally. There is no better snuggle than with your beloved pooch on the sofa <3

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